Monday, July 28, 2014

Etsy Love // JuJuJust.

As a lover of all things made from yarn it's natural for me to spend way to much time scouring Pinterest and Etsy for beautiful works of fiber art. I had repeatedly stumbled upon Judit's lovely pieces and decided I just had to find her Etsy shop. JuJuJust is full of eye candy! Besides making lovely wall hangings bursting with fringe and color she also makes beautiful and fun accessories you can wear everyday! I am a huge fan of her color combinations and her aesthetic. There are so many fabulous pieces to browse through,a little something for everyone. Here are a few of my favorite pieces in her shop, if you like what you see click on over and check it out for yourself!

Which piece is your favorite?

Friday, July 25, 2014

A small chat about new beginnings and other little ramblings.

It's been a busy week or so around the hive, which is why I didn't have a WW post for you last week. We headed out to Ohio for an extended weekend trip with family and I'm still trying to get myself back on track! I did want to stop by to say that next week I'll have a weekly wallpaper post featuring four designs for you to download so stay tuned! I've gotten a lot of feedback on them and I'm really happy you've been enjoying my little freebies.
I also wanted to share a few other things with you guys! My Society6 account now has duvet covers and I'm really excited to add some new designs to the mix. I will announce when new things are up as they come, but I've really been trying to take my time and enjoy the designing process for every item going into the shop and on Society6.
Lately I've been doing a lot more free form and abstract work and I've been trying to open myself up creatively to different techniques and styles. I love that as an artist I can really learn and develop with every piece. I've been working a lot more on letting go and not being so critical of myself  personally and with my art and I think all of that personal growth has really come through in what I've been doing lately. It's been more about feeling and I think that's something I've been lacking in the past. I've been getting a lot of wonderful comments about some of my newer pieces on social media which has just shown me that change can be for the better.So a huge thank you to all of you who are constantly rooting for me and watching these changes happen. All the positive vibes have been overwhelming.
I will be back on Sunday with some more posts for you all to enjoy! Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2014

WW// Tropical Sunset.

Hi guys, today I'm back with another weekly wallpaper! This week I wanted to do something a little more simple and versatile so I pulled out my two favorite shades of Dr. Ph Martin's water colors and went to town! I really like the way these two colors blend together, it reminds me of a beautiful tropical sunset! what could be more perfect for summer? I really hope you like this week's wallpaper and if you have any suggestions for the coming weeks, I'm all ears!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Color // Text: Helen Dardik color palette.

I've been having a love affair with Helen Dardik's scandi designs for a long time. I first stumbled upon her when I was looking for interesting prints to hang in the kids rooms. I love her intricate patterns and bright colors, they are so happy and vibrant! I haven't done a color palette in awhile so I thought she would be the perfect artist to feature. This floral print was featured on her blog in a variety of color options but I picked this more pastel version. I wish I could get bedding made for my daughter in this print, it's gorgeous!

Artist // Helen Dardik
Find this piece here. 
See my last Color // Text palette here.

Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy Fourth of July to all of you! Today I'm going to start a new weekly feature on the blog and I hope you're excited! Each week I'll be whipping up a free downloadable wallpaper for you guys to use on your iPhones! I'll try to mix it up and give you a bunch of different patterns and styles to choose from. I'd love to hear any suggestions from you! Summer is officially here so this week's background is bright and fruity! I really love the way this background looks on my white and gold iPhone5! Let me know what you think!