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Monday, April 30, 2012

 Nothing is better than trying a new beauty brand or product and falling in love with it but, if you're like me, you stand in front of the makeup section inside your drug store or an isle in Sephora and you have not a clue what to buy. Most of the time, I end up disappointed in my choice after I make it home and actually try out my purchase. After hoarding so much makeup it finally made my husband crazy I decided it was time to do some serious cleaning out of my many makeup bags,boxes,and drawers.
I realized that there were a few products I found that I actually loved using, and all the other things I had were not what I was looking for.
Here's my go to list of makeup and beauty products!

1.//MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner. I have always been a fan of liquid eyeliner. Pencil is always a smuggy mess, and I love the straight defined line I get from this liquid liner. 
2.//Maybelline Colossal Volume. I've tried probably 100 mascaras and they are either clumpy, or they dry out. This stays on all day and gives you big bold dark lashes in one coat.
3.//  MAC Studio Fix Powder! I love how flawless the finish is. This will always be my go to powder, it lasts all day, and I never have to retouch.
 4.//Lip Venom. This is a staple for a bunch of girls, I'm sure. This gloss is a lip plumper as well and it gives you a fuller pout. I love the way it tingles, such a
crazy feeling.
 5.//Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I barely like to wear eyeshadow but when I do I always get frustrated when two hours after I apply the shadow it is gone. I heard that this product was all the rage, so I decided to try it and I understood why everyone loves it!
 6.// Paul Mitchell Hairspray. I've been using this hairspray as long as I can remember.I love the hold, not too sticky or hard, and the smell in my opinion is to die for.
 7.// Dumb Blonde by Bed Head. If you're like me, you've processed your hair a million times. This shampoo and conditioner puts so much moisture back into may hair and makes it silky and shiny. Big bonus, it smells like grapefruit, delish!
 8.//Sinner by Kat Von D. I am NOT a fan of perfume! I usually am overpowered by the smell of any brand, then I smelled this. It's so warm like brown sugar. Everyone always compliments me and asks what I'm wearing when I spray this on
 9.//Rose Bud Salve. This is another staple in many peoples make up collections. It's one of the best balms I've tried!
 10.//True Match Foundation. As you can see I have very, very fair skin. A lot of the time I can not find a foundation that is light enough for me. This line has a selection of colors with cool, warm, and neutral tones so you can find the shade that's right for you

Hope this little list of products helps!

Sunday Funday!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I injured myself Friday night while out with my friends and ended up with a swollen knee! I've been trying to rest and keep it elevated so I can get back to tip top shape as soon as possible!
Here are all my favorite things of the week! Check out what I fell in love with!
1.Miss Charlotte Free,love her cotton candy hair!//2.Jeffrey Campbell x Black-milk//3.Docs x Liberty of London.//4.Movie Nights with the Hubby!//5.Vintage owl salt and pepper shakers.//6.Morange lipstick by MAC//7.Anything Mustache.//8.Studded phone cases.


Friday, April 27, 2012

This last week has been stressful. I'm so glad that its time for the weekend, and to relax! I plan taking it easy with the kiddos today, doing crafts with Marli, and hopefully getting the little man to nap.
That means i'm going to make this short and sweet!
Here's a little taste of what my instagram looked like this week, hope you enjoy!

1.New vintage shot glasses I found at the flea market!//2.Reading and tea, such a relaxing Tuesday morning!//3.Pink sunset from my back porch, I love that tree.
// night with the hubby resulted in this yummy treat, and some fabulous tunes!//5.Chicken and Waffles!  It's one of my favorite southern meals! 

If you have an instagram, find me! I love seeing beautiful pictures in my feed!

Let's get things going!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've had several blogs and I always lose track of myself and end up abandoning them. Hopefully this time I can keep it going.
If you're a new reader, you are in the right place! Start here for all you need to know about my blog!
My name is Autumn Bee. I'm a mother of two beautiful children, a three year old girl named Marli Nikole, and a one year old baby boy named Hunter Perrin. I'm a stay at home mom and so lucky I get to spend every moment with my children. I'm married to a wonderful man, Jared, who was my high school sweetheart.
Raising a family can make for some very busy and hectic times, but I always try to make time to enjoy the things in life that make me happy. I'm a huge vintage and thrift enthusiast. I love going to the flea market and resale shops looking for amazing finds. My home is full of all things 'grandma'. I have an addiction to yarn and spend most hours of the night crocheting and knitting. I love making sweet little treats and fun knitwear.

This blog is to share all of my lovely vintage finds,handmade goodies, and little inspirations!

If you know me at all, you know my love for thrifting and almost anything vintage! I love hunting out an amazing find and filling my home with the beautiful glassware, funky floral prints, and kitsch-y decor with a sense of humor. I spend a bunch of time at my local thrift stores, goodwill, and flea markets finding amazing vintage housewares. My blog is basically based on all things vintage, from the way I decorate my home sweet home, to all my favorite kitsch-y decorations and collections, and all the things I love in between.
some of my favorite posts are:
After moving out on my own and starting a family, I obviously had to learn how to cook. What first started off as a necessity has turned into a passion of mine. I love trying different foods and exploring different cultures through tasting the things they love to eat. I am also a huge baker at heart, who could say no to cupcakes?
some of my favorite post are:
I love sharing all the different things that inspire me. Inspiration comes to me in many forms. Sometimes it's a photograph, a piece of art, a pattern, or a song; Sometimes I draw inspirations from fashion and decor.
some of my favorite posts are:

Being a stay at home mom of two gives me a lot to do but while I'm at home it also gives me time to work on fun projects and to find uses for everyday items. I'm a crochet and knitting junkie and a huge fan of D.I.Y projects and up-cycling the old to make it new again.
some of my favorite posts are:
Pom Pom Garland // DIY Nail Polish // Crochet Case Pattern

I also own two little shops on Etsy. Stop by GypsyBeeeVintage for beautiful mid century housewares and GypsyBeeeHandmade for gorgeous knit and crochet accessories.

Visit our Facebook, GypsyBeeeVintage&Handmade
 Follow my blog with Bloglovin, also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest!

I hope that you enjoy this blog and it shows you that no matter how busy you are as a mom you can still enjoy delightful food, fabulous vintage, home made treasures, and more!

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