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 Nothing is better than trying a new beauty brand or product and falling in love with it but, if you&...

 Nothing is better than trying a new beauty brand or product and falling in love with it but, if you're like me, you stand in front of the makeup section inside your drug store or an isle in Sephora and you have not a clue what to buy. Most of the time, I end up disappointed in my choice after I make it home and actually try out my purchase. After hoarding so much makeup it finally made my husband crazy I decided it was time to do some serious cleaning out of my many makeup bags,boxes,and drawers.
I realized that there were a few products I found that I actually loved using, and all the other things I had were not what I was looking for.
Here's my go to list of makeup and beauty products!

1.//MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner. I have always been a fan of liquid eyeliner. Pencil is always a smuggy mess, and I love the straight defined line I get from this liquid liner. 
2.//Maybelline Colossal Volume. I've tried probably 100 mascaras and they are either clumpy, or they dry out. This stays on all day and gives you big bold dark lashes in one coat.
3.//  MAC Studio Fix Powder! I love how flawless the finish is. This will always be my go to powder, it lasts all day, and I never have to retouch.
 4.//Lip Venom. This is a staple for a bunch of girls, I'm sure. This gloss is a lip plumper as well and it gives you a fuller pout. I love the way it tingles, such a
crazy feeling.
 5.//Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I barely like to wear eyeshadow but when I do I always get frustrated when two hours after I apply the shadow it is gone. I heard that this product was all the rage, so I decided to try it and I understood why everyone loves it!
 6.// Paul Mitchell Hairspray. I've been using this hairspray as long as I can remember.I love the hold, not too sticky or hard, and the smell in my opinion is to die for.
 7.// Dumb Blonde by Bed Head. If you're like me, you've processed your hair a million times. This shampoo and conditioner puts so much moisture back into may hair and makes it silky and shiny. Big bonus, it smells like grapefruit, delish!
 8.//Sinner by Kat Von D. I am NOT a fan of perfume! I usually am overpowered by the smell of any brand, then I smelled this. It's so warm like brown sugar. Everyone always compliments me and asks what I'm wearing when I spray this on
 9.//Rose Bud Salve. This is another staple in many peoples make up collections. It's one of the best balms I've tried!
 10.//True Match Foundation. As you can see I have very, very fair skin. A lot of the time I can not find a foundation that is light enough for me. This line has a selection of colors with cool, warm, and neutral tones so you can find the shade that's right for you

Hope this little list of products helps!

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  1. Love these products! I use that exact same mascara and it works wonders!



  2. I know! I love the wand of it. No other mascara works like it! Glad you stopped by! Thanks doll!

  3. That mascara is my favorite! Such a cute blog, new follower!


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