Friday, April 27, 2012


This last week has been stressful. I'm so glad that its time for the weekend, and to relax! I plan taking it easy with the kiddos today, doing crafts with Marli, and hopefully getting the little man to nap.
That means i'm going to make this short and sweet!
Here's a little taste of what my instagram looked like this week, hope you enjoy!

1.New vintage shot glasses I found at the flea market!//2.Reading and tea, such a relaxing Tuesday morning!//3.Pink sunset from my back porch, I love that tree.
// night with the hubby resulted in this yummy treat, and some fabulous tunes!//5.Chicken and Waffles!  It's one of my favorite southern meals! 

If you have an instagram, find me! I love seeing beautiful pictures in my feed!

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