Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today is such a rainy, gloomy day here in St. Louis, which is giving me the time to actually post! Today I'm being inspired by DIY projects, and all the fun things you can make with a little creativity and some things you have laying around the house. I find some of the best DIY projects from Pinterest, and some of the ones I post, I've actually done myself, others are more like future projects. hope that you try some of these fun things on your own!

Woven Chain Bracelet!// This is one of the easiest projects that i have accomplished, and it turns out really cute! The materials are pretty cheap, but they look pretty classy!

 Painted Geometric Clutch!// I really want to try this tutorial with one of my boring vintage clutches. It is a pretty straight forward project, and the outcome is something new and cool.

Marbled Glassware!// I have been on the lookout for the perfect tumblers to transform for this project! I love that you can customize the colors to fit your kitchen, and its something unique! I'm sure if I had these I would get tons of compliments on them, they are too cute!

Ascot Top!// This is a super simple way to turn an unflattering vintage top into something super cute and stylish.

Leather Fold Over Clutch!// Such a fun way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe this spring and summer!

Paint Swatch Chandelier!// This is a project that i have been in the middle of making for awhile, but just haven't gotten around to finishing yet. I'm excited to see what its going to look like in my daughters room.

Retro Television Bar!//This is more something that I could see being an easy DIY. The link is to the tumblr it came from, and there are no instructions, but it seems like you would just remove the glass on the television, and finish it out.

What are some of your favorite projects? Where do you find creative ideas for household goods? 

Hello Again!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

 Well I'm coming back with very exciting news to tell! My Etsy shop is now up and running! I will be listing things as frequently as possible! If you have anything that you would be interested in buying from my shop, shoot me an email and I will keep my eye out for you! Since my shop just opened I will be shipping your order for free! Just use coupon code GRANDOPENING at check out!
 GypsyBeeeVintage on Facebook // GypsyBeeeVintage on Etsy

In other news, I'm absolutely in love all over again with my red hair! My pillow case is officially ruined but it is well worth it. I hope you like the change!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. My husband and I caught some sort of stomach bug and spent our days together sick as a dog! We did make up for it though by taking the kids to the Renaissance Fair on Monday, followed by a building BBQ and the pool. At least the weekend ended better than it began! I'm also excited because my best friend comes home today from her vacation to Florida, Ive been so lost without her company, so I'm glad we will be seeing each other again soon!

With all of this time off the blog that I've been taking, I have been working on some really great posts for you guys! Ill be posting some DIY and recipe ideas, as well as some great fathers day gifts you can make at home! See you soon!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Today I figured I would give a little bit more about me! I haven't done one of these silly surveys since MySpace was the place to be so I thought it would be fun. Soon I'm going to start doing honest to blog posts, but until then this should help you get to know me a little better.

Available // Nay,happily married.
Best Friend // Miss Erika Hank, love her.
Crush // Lana Del Ray,Kristen Stewart.
Dad's Name // Douglas.
Easiest Person To Talk To // My husband, no doubt.
Favorite Band // Jefferson Airplane. 
Gummy Bears Or Worms // Bears!
Hometown // St.Louis
Instrument // I have no musical talent so I would say, tambourine. haha
Job // Stay at Home Mother, Maid, Taxi Driver, Personal Chef, Stylist. lol
Kids // Two!
Longest Car Ride // Anaheim CA to St. Louis MO
Milk Flavor // I'm a plain milk kinda gal, if I'm feeling crazy I may do chocolate.
Number Of Siblings // Two Biological, One Adopted.
One Wish // Hard to decide. I'll give the pageant answer, world peace.
Phobias // Cardboard, Wet hair. The word moist. I don't know why.
Favorite Quote // "Let Them Eat Cake." I'm obsessed with Marie Antoinette!
Reason To Smile // My lovely family!
Song You Last Heard // Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds.
Time You Woke Up // 9:00
Unknown Fact About Me //
Vegetable // Asparagus!
Worst Habits // Cursing (so unladylike), Smoking, forgetting to clean the lint trap on the dryer. haha
X-Rays You've Had // None!
Your Favorite Food // Anything Curry, or Sushi, that's hard!
Zodiac Sign // Libra.

Baby Autumn!
Living in California.
I tried to wear this dress everyday.
My punk stage.
Jared and I 2007.
Baby Marli.
Baby shower!
Red Head.
Gaga Hair.
I miss this hair.
Marli and I!
Baby Hunter!
Little man :)

Home Tour #1

Friday, May 11, 2012

  Sorry for being absent yesterday, but the weather was so nice I decided to spend the day outside with the kids. Marli enjoyed running around in her bathing suit and spraying her friends with water, and Hunter just enjoyed being outdoors. I love spending the day with my fellow stay-at-home mommy neighbors, its nice for all the little kids to be able to play together.
 On another note, I've been doing a little "spring cleaning", a little late into spring, but better late than never.
I figured this was the perfect opportunity to give you a little tour of my tiny apartment. I will be so glad when we move into our house this February, but until then I have to make the best of what I have! Hopefully through my home tour posts you can see how my home decor changes, and watch our place evolve. Hope you enjoy!

We still have a lot of things that need to be painted and worked on but finally everything is starting to come together...right before we move!
What are some of your favorite home decor items? Where do you shop for your home?

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