Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Today I figured I would give a little bit more about me! I haven't done one of these silly surveys since MySpace was the place to be so I thought it would be fun. Soon I'm going to start doing honest to blog posts, but until then this should help you get to know me a little better.

Available // Nay,happily married.
Best Friend // Miss Erika Hank, love her.
Crush // Lana Del Ray,Kristen Stewart.
Dad's Name // Douglas.
Easiest Person To Talk To // My husband, no doubt.
Favorite Band // Jefferson Airplane. 
Gummy Bears Or Worms // Bears!
Hometown // St.Louis
Instrument // I have no musical talent so I would say, tambourine. haha
Job // Stay at Home Mother, Maid, Taxi Driver, Personal Chef, Stylist. lol
Kids // Two!
Longest Car Ride // Anaheim CA to St. Louis MO
Milk Flavor // I'm a plain milk kinda gal, if I'm feeling crazy I may do chocolate.
Number Of Siblings // Two Biological, One Adopted.
One Wish // Hard to decide. I'll give the pageant answer, world peace.
Phobias // Cardboard, Wet hair. The word moist. I don't know why.
Favorite Quote // "Let Them Eat Cake." I'm obsessed with Marie Antoinette!
Reason To Smile // My lovely family!
Song You Last Heard // Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds.
Time You Woke Up // 9:00
Unknown Fact About Me //
Vegetable // Asparagus!
Worst Habits // Cursing (so unladylike), Smoking, forgetting to clean the lint trap on the dryer. haha
X-Rays You've Had // None!
Your Favorite Food // Anything Curry, or Sushi, that's hard!
Zodiac Sign // Libra.

Baby Autumn!
Living in California.
I tried to wear this dress everyday.
My punk stage.
Jared and I 2007.
Baby Marli.
Baby shower!
Red Head.
Gaga Hair.
I miss this hair.
Marli and I!
Baby Hunter!
Little man :)

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  1. I love the alphabet questionnaire! So fun :)

    OMG, you have such beautiful children! I love all the photos, really. The punk stage one is funny!

    Great post :)


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