Friday, May 25, 2012

It's been a long time since I came around...

I've been trying to blog for days now, but with the summer heat setting in I'm feeling more and more like spending every moment outside instead of inside on the computer. My head keeps telling me I need to sit down and post, but my heart is telling me to soak up the sun.
I've been taking the kids to the zoo, playing outside, grilling with the neighbors and getting quite a sunburn/tan in the process.
Today is quite humid, and being outside is like spending a long amount of time in a sauna so Marli has made a bed on the living room floor and has been watching movies in the comfort of the air conditioning while Hunter naps.
Tonight my husband and I are going to enjoy a little bowling, free of the children. It will be so nice to have a date night. We usually don't get much one on one time, since we have two small children.
On another note, since I last posted I am no longer a blonde. I felt like a change was needed for summer, so I went red! Like, crayola red. I'm excited for the change, I always enjoy having red hair, it just seems much more fun.
Hopefully tomorrow I can convince myself to sit down and do something more exciting as a post, instead of this short update!
Have a fantastic day!

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