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Well I must say that this Mothers Day weekend was nothing short of amazing , I had to take yesterday to recuperate. I spent most o...

Well I must say that this Mothers Day weekend was nothing short of amazing, I had to take yesterday to recuperate. I spent most of my time outdoors with the kids and my neighbors. My husband bought me some beautiful flowers, and my daughter drew me a wonderful picture. We did brunch with my mother, and it was fantastic. (you can never go wrong with praline french toast!) Then I spent the  rest of the day relaxing, drinking wine and watching lifetime movies! Just a wonderful day! Here's a little snap shot of my flowers!

Well since I missed a few days of posts I figured I would do a little of everything. Enjoy!

1.Ive been collecting Pink Melmac dishes for awhile now, but etsy has made my obsession grow! If you love the cute pastel dishes you can find some here! //2.Marina and the Diamonds! //3.Pi Pizzeria is one of my favorite places to eat in St. Louis! I love the atmosphere and the service is great. I  always get the Cherokee Street, and even make it at home because I want it so often. If you're ever in the area, check them out. //4.I've always had a love for Victorian homes, and I hope that one day I can own one, it would just suit me perfectly. Visit here for more charming homes! //5.Vintage Fabric!

<3 Check out Audrey Kitching's Weekly Inspirations,I always enjoy!

<3 I am such a sunglasses freak, I need to add this pair to my collection!

<3 Umba Box is such a great gift idea! The gift that keeps on giving, literally. I came about this lovely gift idea on Miss Kaelah's blog and instantly wished that someone would get me a subscription! I let my husband know all about it, believe that. If you want to read Kaelahs post about umba boxes, you can find that here!

(actually last week!)

1.Clouds were amazing! //2.My daughter and I. //3. Playing outside with the kids. //4.New teacups for mothers day! //5. New pillowcases.yay! //6. Love those shoes.

 1.Cupcake tattoos are a favorite of mine. //2. Sylvia Ji
tattoos, I want one so badly! //3. Skeleton keys

 Artist Spotlight
 Yea, i know i knowKat Von D, so cliche. I cannot help but admire her though. Beside her incredible tattoo style, and talent, she has an awesome makeup line at Sephora, and clothing line Kat Von D Los Angeles which I absolutely adore. A woman after my own heart!

What inspires you this week? What are you lusting after? Let me know!

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