Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday.

  Anyone who knows me, knows my love for tattoos. I have seven pieces, some large,some small. Each tattoo for me is a memory, a moment in my life that I could never regret or change, a story I want to tell always. I love hearing others tattoo stories, and seeing what their artwork means to them. Every once in awhile, Tuesdays will be dedicated to some of my own tattoos, my favorite work, an artist spotlight, and submissions of your tattoos! If you are interested in having your tattoos included in the next Tattoo Tuesday email me at gypsybeee@gmail.com and include a picture or your tattoo and the history behind it. I'll go through the submissions, and you could be featured!

 1.Owl tattoos, especially tiny ones.// 2.Vintage CamerasThis artist is amazing.//3.Russian dolls, i want some for my little family.//4.Vintage Portrait tattoos.//5.My obsession with octopi is insane.//6.Peacock Feather. 

Artist Spotlight
Annie Frenzel is an amazing artist working in Germany at LowBrow Tattoo Parlour in Berlin. Her style is incredible! I follow her on Instagram and find myself blown away by her talent and envious of anyone who gets a piece done by her. I am especially in love with her 'Girls of the Day'. Check her out, you wont be disappointed.

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