Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday!

A bunch of things have been happening this week behind the scenes of The Busy Bee! I'm working on a total blog overhaul, working out some kinks in my site, and giving everything a brand new look! I've also been working on some really cool weekly posts, so keep an eye out for the change!

Its been crazy around here! I took the past couple of days off to get some projects done around the house. My daughter Marli upgraded from a toddler bed to a twin, so Ive been up-cycling a vintage headboard for her! I also re painted some shelving in our dining room, and I'm starting to clear off shelving for my ever growing Pyrex collection! Today I acquired a Friendship print Cinderella bowl for pretty cheap, and I'm so excited to display it with the others! Not to mention Little Hunter is now in crawling mode so it makes it hard for me to sit and focus on any task or the computer for any extended period of time.

Next week ill be back in full force with some new things for you guys, but for now this little update is all I can give! Have a lovely weekend!!

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