Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Such A Busy Momma Bee!

Obviously my blogging everyday rule has just completely flown out of the window! The pool has a gravitational pull that I just can't fight. Marli and Hunter have been loving the pool so much we've been down everyday almost, and I have quite a sunburn!

My shop has new items in it, stop on by! I will be adding things almost every week, and if you are looking for something special email me or send me a message on etsy,and I will keep a look out for you! 
I recently made some amazing purchases for my home, and I couldn't have found better items! The flea market is just too good to me. Every time I go I find at least one item that I can not walk away from and it becomes one more thing I have to find room for in our tiny apartment until we move. Here are a few of my lovely finds!
 Bought this lovely embroidered floral pillow, perfect for my couch! Such a great buy! // GreenPlanetSisters

 Found this gorgeous coffee carafe with its display stand and sugar and cream cups at the flea market this Sunday, such an amazing find, perfect for my collection and in awesome condition!

We also acquired this lovely vintage lantern style lava lamp from my father-in-law, still works like a champ and marli loves watching the 'bubbles' go up and down!

Since I haven't been making instagram posts in a while I figured I would just post some of my favorite pictures since my last post! If you would like to see all of my instagram photos visit my Webstagram!
I also have my Instacanvas gallery open, and my photos are available for sale!

1. New bright red hair! //2.Clouds that look like outer space! //3.The babies watching a movie together! //4.Partly cloudy day! //5.Going out for girls night, Betsey Johnson wedges and gold bangles! //6.Bubbles with Marli! //7.Eyes! //8.Pink and orange sky, with my favorite dead tree! //9.learning time with the little lady! //10.Vintage patio chairs I fell in love with at the flea market! //11.Awesome sunset! //12.New Essie nail polish, so in love with it! //13.Grandma circa 1966! //14.Baby boy trying to crawl everywhere! //15. Before a day of family bbqing!

Tomorrow I'm going to be posting a family favorite recipe that is super simple and delicious! Every time I make it for a party everyone loves them, and there are never leftovers! I know you'll love them too!
Enjoy this summer day!

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