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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today's artist spotlight is a crafty little lady living in California named Cristina or @mcareyano! I started following her on instagram awhile back, and fell in love with her vintage themed feed! Then she started posting photographs of brightly colored wreaths and I needed to know how I could get my hands on one of these babies. I recently purchased one from her as a gift to my sister-in-law on her wedding day. Cristina has such a unique thing going, and she is so personable and works with you from start to finish with your order! She is a great communicator and it has been such a pleasure working with her. Im so addicted to these wreaths, and I see many more purchases in the future. 
Cristina took the time to answer some questions for me about her business, so just in case your curious
 (I know I was!)

Why did you start making wreaths?
I started making wreaths about 3 years ago. The first yarn wreath I made was two years ago. I made it as decor for the apartment that my honey and I moved into. 

What's your creative process like?
I usually start with the figurine, since they are the centerpiece of the wreath. When I find one I like, I choose yarn, felt and other objects I feel would look best. It is totally organic and sometimes I start with a idea that changes into something else. I have a few wreaths that I have specific plans for like my Alice in Wonderland Wreath. The process for the planned wreaths take a little longer because they are so specific.

How do you come up with the themes for your wreaths?
I usually let the little guy or gal tell me what they want. Sometimes they want to be a French skunk. Other times they want to be a tribute to the 80's. It is all about the figurine. They determine the theme. 

Which wreath has been your favorite project?
The wreath that I love the most is Mustard and Moo. When I found that little calf I fell in love. I instantly thought of butter and that is why I placed her on a wreath wrapped with mustard yarn. I am also very excited about the wreath necklaces I've been working on lately.

Here are some of my very favorites!

 This is the wreath I purchased for my sister-in-law! She was so perfect for the occasion!

 This is my recent favorite, i love the theme, and the colors are fantastic!

Mustard and Moo, Cristina's favorite!

If you are interested in purchasing a wreath from Cristina, email her at!

 To view her current stock of wreaths follow her on instagram, click here!
 Go check her out!

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