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I'm finally back from the dead! It was nice to have some time away from blogging to enjoy my family while they were in town fo...

I'm finally back from the dead! It was nice to have some time away from blogging to enjoy my family while they were in town for my brother's wedding. I don't get to see them often because they live in Texas and Georgia, so I made sure to make the most of the time we had! The ceremony was gorgeous, and the whole thing turned out greater than anticipated! I am so happy that my sister-in-law is so laid back, and never really stresses about little details. Shes very simple, which made for a pretty smooth sailing planning process. Here are some of my favorite photographs from the day, taken by my best friend Erika.
I'm incredibly happy for them, and I hope them all the best!
On another note, I decided that i'm going to start homeschooling my daughter starting this September. I'm sort of just jumping into it head first, since I can only learn by doing. Ive done research on it for quite sometime now, and the reason to home school are outweighing the reasons I should not. As much as social interaction is important in a child's growing and developing process, I also feel like it can be a distraction from the important skills that you learn through education. I know that my child needs a hands on approach to learning with little distractions, and that's what I want to provide for her so that she can grow in the best way that she can. I want her to thrive and enjoy her education experience at her pace. I went through the public school system and graduated with a high g.p.a as a junior; I don't think that I lacked anything from the experience, but I always felt like everything was so dumbed down and not at my level (except math, that goes far over my head). I want Marli to be able to learn and grow at a pace that excites her, and doesn't leave her wishing there was more.
Any way, I still have a long road to go, and this is going to be an interesting learning experience for all of us! I'll make sure I update you on the process and how it starts to unfold! 
 Here are a few things I have started on!

Chose my home schooling style, and started creating a book list and curriculum!
Some beautiful vintage books I picked up at the flea market. A little above her level, but makes for good bed time stories!
Marli's new desk, it needs a little love, but I think it will do its job nicely!

Also, everything in the shop is at a discounted price while I start restocking! Help me get rid of my inventory before my husband gets mad (I'm taking up the garage,hahaha)!
If you would like to combine items, send me a personal message on Etsy before you make your purchase and I'll see what we can do, and I'll work with you on price!

Have a wonderful day!

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