Sunday, September 30, 2012

 When I think about my ultimate style icons, the first name that pops into my mind is Priscilla Presley. I've sort of mentioned before, but I have been obsessed with Elvis my whole life so naturally I was exposed to his leading lady as well. She is probably the biggest reason that I'm so obsessed with the sixties (along with Cher who we will revisit at another time). The hair, the eyelashes, the husband (the best accessory!). She was so daring in her fashion choices, which was totally acceptable for the time and I love all the pastels she sported. Her look has drastically changed several times through out her life, but she was at her best when she was with The King. Her style is the total definition of 60's/70's fashion and it's still being imitated today.

 Check out some of my very favorite looks from Mrs.Presley:

Unless otherwise stated, I found all of these amazing images over on LADYPRESLEY. If you're as obsessed with Priscilla and The King as I am, go follow her!

Who is your biggest style icon?


Saturday, September 29, 2012

  Another Saturday, another wonderful Fall sponsor! Kayla from The Rural Knitter is one extremely talented lady. She is new to knitting, but you really couldn't tell. She pumps out wonderful hats and slippers with ease. I'm extremely jealous because I started knitting awhile back and I'm slower than a snail! I have not completed one darn (or yarn) thing! I love her blog, that shows off all of her lovely projects as well as fun vintage patterns! Also check out her Inspiration board on Tumblr! Oh my, I could just gush all day! 
Here she is:
Hi! I'm Kayla. I'm a small town girl in her late 20's who decided to move from the city to rural Newfoundland, Canada in hopes of slowing down and appreciating life. I blog over at The Rural Knitter. I write about my new found passion -- knitting, but also crafting, the world of books, and music. I also like to share what it's like to live in the most easterly part of Canada, where people live on an almost constant island of fog but boast a colourful and fantastic culture and history. As a knitter, I'm trying to bridge the gap between my Grandmother's generation and my own in a land where knitting is not a hobby, but a way of life. So grab a cup of Tetley tea and put on a pair of wool socks and join me at The Rural Knitter.

I love all of her cozy knits, go visit her shop, she just opened up!
Also hop on over to her blog to enter her first giveaway, which I am taking part in! Today is the LAST day!
Have a groovy day!

First TWOI of the Fall!

Friday, September 28, 2012

 Hooray! Hooray! It's finally here! My favorite time of year! Maybe it's my name? The fact that I'm an October baby? Halloween? Hunter's birthday? Whatever the reason I'm completely obsessed. I've already whipped out my favorite pair of moccasin boots and I'm ready for leather jackets and cardigans all day, everyday. This first bit of fall has already been so amazing and I can't wait to see whats in store for the rest of the season! I'll be celebrating Autumn in so many ways (and I don't just mean myself) so keep your eye out for all the goodness that will be coming your ways soon!
 Look at those leaves! // One crazy glorious sky // With fall comes change, like me becoming a brunette! // Baby boy turned 10 months old, can you believe it?! So chubby and happy! // Sculpting and building // Look at those letters! Her skills are definitely improving! // The hubby had a picnic with his work, so of course I had to make them a yummy treat!

 Favorite Instagram feeds this week:

I'm also so excited to be shipping out some orders for the shop and my pen pal package this weekend! Man I love sending people real mail, it's too much fun! I joined Lovely Letters and I cant wait to get my partner!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a safe weekend!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello everyone! A little while ago I was nominated by Chevron & Lace for The Versatile Blogger Award! I'm very honored to be nominated (thanks so much lady!) and I wanted to nominate a few of my favorite blogs for the award as well! I also thought this would be a great chance for you to learn a few things about me!
The Rules:
1. Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2. Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

7 Random Facts:
 1. I make my husband remove any whipped cream from my milkshakes before I will drink them. Whipped cream is disgustinggg!
2. Before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I was going to join the Peace Corps.
3.  I graduated as a Junior in high school.
4. If I could move anywhere in the U.S. it would probably be Austin, TX...or Chicago..hmmm.
5. I want a pin up tattoo of Lady Gaga on my thigh, dressed like Cher in Half Breed.
6. I'm completely addicted to American Pickers, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and Good Luck Charlie (guilty pleasures.)
7. I want to adopt a little one someday, but not just yet.

My Nominees:
Laras Vintage 
The Rural Kitter 
Billie Jean
Sweet Green Tangerine
My Billie 
Old Red Boots 
 Lulu & Sweet Pea
Tea Tree Vintage 

In Other News...
Keep your eye out ladies because I'm proud to announce that I filmed my first ever makeup tutorial and I'm going to be posting it sometime soon! I hope that it is helpful and it answers a lot of the questions I have been getting about my makeup!

also, I would like to thank everyone that checked out my link up to The Pinterest Project! It was one of the most clicked projects last week and I'm in the running for The Pinterest Project Queen for September! 


Little's learning adventures.

Friday, September 21, 2012

 It's almost been a month since I started homeschooling my daughter, so in celebration I thought I would catch you all up on what we've been doing around the hive!
When I first entertained the idea of homeschooling Marli the thought was overwhelming and frightening to say the least. Where do you start when you want to educate your child in the home? What requirements are there? Will my child end up a socially awkward cat lady? Will I ever have time to shower again?
After completely freaking myself out, I took a deep breath and dove into the computer researching curriculum, reading education websites, looking on forums to see how many other people actually home school anymore, and what tips and tricks I could use to make this experience easier. I was seriously surprised to see how many younger people do home school their little ones and how many blogged about it. One of the biggest saviors for me was reading other mom's blogs about homeschooling and using their advice. Little House  was like the holy grail of homeschooling blogs for me and I learned so much from it!
After I felt comfortable in all of my research and notes I slowly laid out a curriculum that was right for my daughter, that fit our schedule, played off of Marli's strengths, and worked on her weaknesses. Then I took on the task of compiling a book list. Marli is only three years old (four in February), she is more advanced than pre-k and not yet ready for kindergarten work. I customized everything to fit her needs and made sure I included books that would push her and improve her skills.

 Here are some of the main books that we use in our little learning environment.
 I use The Charlotte Mason curriculum in our home, I of course tweaked it to fit out beliefs and I en cooperated certain things into the education that my husband and I thought was important to include. I love how this form of homeschooling really stresses the importance of reading, narration, literature, and handiskills (everyday skills such as folding, cleaning, building, ect.) The CM method is also a favorite of mine because it suggests to use texts where the person actually experienced the event instead of a standard text book which is...well let's just admit it, plain boring.
Here are a few of Marli's favorite school books:
 When we started homeschooling the first thing that Marli and I did was plant a garden. Gardening is an important skill for littles to learn, it provides to many opportunities to learn new things and bring up new curiosities. Every day we take time away from the books to water the plants and inspect them for bugs that we can talk about. Marli loves to see what kind of bugs call her garden home and of course she loves to water the flowers! I cant wait to have a back yard so we can have a veggie garden and grow our own produce.
 I focus a lot of time during the day on creating whether it be drawing, painting, crafting, ect. Since Marli can't write out words yet a lot of our narration activities are based on her drawing pictures of the different stories we read and things we learn about. Most of the time I can't really make out what the pictures are or what they mean but she tells me all about them and how they correspond with the story and I think that it is a super important activity for her to grow her communication and listening skills. 

Below is a picture of a red fox, learning about the animals of the field and the forest.

I like to let Marli create using different mediums. She especially loves watercolors and oil pastels right now.

 During our art studies we learn about a different artist each week. Marli examines a few pieces of art by the artist and she also colors her own version of one of their masterpieces. This helps her to better recognize each artists style and its just plain fun!

 Our biggest struggles have been with writing. Marli has known her alphabet for quite some time and she knows what each letter looks like, same with numbers. I thought it would be the right time to begin teaching her how to trace her numbers and letters so that she could start to write them on her own and I noticed that she was having a very hard time. Marli is a lefty so it's been quite a challenge for me (a righty) to teach her how to write since everything is opposite for her. Her struggle turns into frustration easily since she is so young, a lot of the time she wants to give up. Even though sometimes it's almost more frustrating for me as an adult (because I want so badly for her to get it) I know that she relies on my patience to get her through the rough patches and reassure her that she can do it and that nothing is 'too much' for her to handle if she gives her honest effort. I usually give her a break when the pressure has just become too much and come back to it when she is in a better state of mind. That usually does the trick and we are back to smooth sailing once again.
I also focus a lot of time on exploring outside in the natural world. Marli has outside time every single day and on weekends we try to take "field trips" to natural parks around our area. We have nature journals where we are going to start recording our finds and documenting our adventures. At her age exploration is a huge part of the developmental process and it's great exercise too!
This is what a typical week for us looks like:
2-3 hours of lessons a day, no weekends or homework

Daily activities include:
Routine building exercises such as teeth brushing and bed making // Shape and letters flash cards // Skill Sharpeners Pre-K Math Activity book //Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons // Free Read Period // Tea Party // Chores // Outside time.
Twice a week activities:
Spanish vocabulary and flash card game // Poetry and Shakespeare for children // Nursery Rhymes.
Once a week activities:
Artist study // Composer of the week // Craft // History ( right now we are reading about good old honest Abe) // Science and nature journal // Literature (Aesop for children) // Outdoor field trip.

It's been such a crazy roller coaster so far but things are finally settling in and our routine is becoming easier each day (though finding a free moment is few and far between). I can't wait to see where this journey will take us.
If you have any questions about homeschooling, the curriculum, or anything else really feel free to ask! I'm not an expert that's for sure but I would happy to share everything I know with you! 

There will be many of these posts to come documenting how everything is going and all the things we learn along the way, if you want to keep up on our homeschooling adventure search the label homeschooling to read all about it.

Hope you all have a great Friday!

Thrifty Finds Under Twenty and a Penpal Update.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

 Hello to all of my new readers and blogging buddies! It's Thrifty Thursday again here and over at Lara's Vintage! If you aren't sure what Thrifty Thursday is: It's a link party where you show off all of your thrifty finds and goodwill goodies! Unprepared? No problem, just link up an older post of one of your finds or participate next week. Check out everyone's vintage treasures and leave lots of comments!
This week I found a bunch of gems for under $20.00 and I'm excited to show them off!
 top: Friendship Casserole from the Lovely Sandra // Avon perfume bottle $2.00 // Pyrex Colonial Mist Mixing Bowl  $5.00
bottom: Huge floral print mugs made in Japan $1.00 // One Step Polaroid Land Camera $5.00

I featured the perfume bottle and mugs in a previous post this week, check it out if you want a closer look!
I am so thrilled that I found this Polaroid camera! I was at the Flea Market on Sunday and I just kept searching and searching for that one thing that would make my thrifting complete. Finally I looked over and this cute little camera was just screaming my name. It's in working condition and still had a full film pack inside of it, not bad for $5.00! I'm really excited to buy some film for this so I can test it out. Unfortunately since this camera has no off button it drains the battery in the film pack so the on that was in it no longer works!

 Pen Pal Update!
Sandra's not only The O.G host of Thrifty Thursday, she is also my penpal! I just received my first package from her and I was thrilled to find all of these sweet little goodies!
  The Pyrex dish I showed above is from her as well as these adorable post cards!
She included this little mustard yellow purse for Marli, she absolutely loved it!

title="redrosevintage" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="redrosevintage" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Meet Fred Press.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 As all my readers may know, I'm obsessed with mid century glassware. When I first started my collection I came across a coffee carafe that was magnificent and I fell in love (I featured it in this Kitsch Krazy awhile back). That is the first time I had ever seen a Fred Press and I had to find out more about him and acquire more of his pieces. Fred Press was an American artist whose artwork is some of the best in the business. This professor/sculptor was popular for his glassware during the 40's, 50's, and 60's and is still iconic today. I love his bold images, gold and turquoise color schemes, and mid century modern designs that make his glassware so unique. Here are some of my favorite Fred Press products!

50 Meal Marathon

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lately I've been lazy! I'll admit it! Homeschooling all day with a three year old and a nine month old tagging along can be crazy, and by the time my husband comes home from work, the last thing I want to do is spend about an hour in the kitchen prepping and cooking, and about an hour cleaning it up after we've all eaten. I've seen a lot of different tips and tricks on pinterest for Freezer Meals and how to stockpile your freezer, and I thought..well, why the hell not! While I was on my search for easy freezer meals I stumbled across this blog where a lady cooked 50 meals all in one day, all freezer friendly, and all of them sounded pretty delicious. I thought this would be a fun challenge for me and it would be the perfect thing to document and let you all in on! You can find the original post here.
*I changed a few things around based on my families favorite recipes and what we like.

Here are my freezer meals and the servings:

* The link I posted for the Cheesy Chicken and Hash brown casserole doesn't include chicken, and the Baked Manicotti and Cannelloni doesn't include Cannelloni ( you can find a recipe for that here )

The thought of doing this is actually a lot more horrible than it is once you get in there and do it. Time passed rather quickly for me and I grouped cooking my meals with similar ingredients so I could do multiple things at once. I cleaned up as I went along and tried to put things back once I was done with them to avoid clutter! It was also a huge help that my husband played with the kids all day so I was free to cook away!
Here are a few of my freezer meals that are prepared and cooling, getting ready for the freezer. We had the Sweet and Sour Chicken last night for dinner and when we re-heated it in the oven it was fantastic! I highly recommend doing this if you can get the time.
If you try it, let me know how it worked for you!

If you want to find more Pinterest inspired projects check out The Pinterest Project!
Last week my DIY Nail Polish Tutorial was one of the most clicked projects!

    Thrift Score!

    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    I've been running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off, my goodness.I started a little challenge for myself today and I'm documenting it to share with you all at a later time, get ready for some recipes! I figured I'd give myself a break and post a little of what I found while at the flea market. I bought a whole bunch of really cheap and amazinggg items today, so excited! Im not going to show you everything today though, just a sneak peak. Check back on Thursday when I host the Thrifty Thursday Link Party with Sandra from Lara's Vintage to see the rest!
    I was so happy when I found these little pretties! I'm so obsessed with old Avon bottles, they had some killer designs back in the day. This mug I found is from a set of four I purchased and it is huge, my new favorite soup cup!
    This is such a perfect vanity piece, I love the color combination.
    I love the floral print on these mugs, I put them in my kitchen and they fit right in.

    Hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend!

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