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Friday, September 7, 2012

 the beginning on my new header // new earrings I found thrifting // warm cup of tea on a gloomy day // watching the sun come back out to play // trying to eat mommy's phone // watering her garden, handiskill time.

Favorite IGERS this week:

I also found this lovely website through Life of a Lost Muse called Paper Coterie. You can customize all sorts of fun things from journals to calendars with your own photos and personal style! I made some cute little journals with my instagram photos and I got them for FREE! All I had to do was pay the price of shipping because right now they are offering a great deal!! If you are a new customer enter coupon code 'WELCOME2012' for a $40.00 credit towards your purchase!
I cant wait until I get mine, I will definitely show them off!

Who are some of your favorite instagramers? I want to follow new people!


  1. I LOVE PAPER COTERIE! I'm gonna go browse now and order something! lol

    1. I know! 40 bucks is a lot there too! So many ways you can spend it!

  2. Oh my, I am heading over to the Paper Coterie site now and I can already tell by your description of it that it is something that will suck me in hook, line, and sinker! Your blog (and these instagrams) are utterly adorable. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Following you too :) xo Marisa

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I bet you'll make some really cute stuff! Xoxox

  3. I am in love with that drawing. Did you do it?

  4. i am loving the header illustration. the style, the colours - everything is so lovely. you can certainly do one for me if you get bored... ;)

  5. Hello lovely! :) So glad I stumbled across your blog, love it. Gave you a wee follow on tumblr too.


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