Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello lovely readers, It's that time again! I'm really excited about this spotlight because I seriously admire anyone in the field of graphic design. I am not tech savvy and I have no patience to sit on the computer all day. I've taken graphic design classes and although they were a lot of fun, it wasn't a full time thing for me and I didn't have to really come up with the ideas on my own,my teacher gave me guidelines and a basic plan. I never know where to start when it comes to Photoshop or any other editing software,too many tools I don't know what to do with! Anyway, Melanie's design work is crisp and personal to each client she works with. She is very reasonably priced and offers tutorials to help you customize your blog! I'm super excited for her to be a sponsor for the fall season and I hope you all check out her blog and design page.
 Design Work

My name's Melanie and I run the gamut over at My Billie. My blog is a positive and inspirational place where I share my love for design and life. You'll find DIYs for your house and closet, design tutorials for your blog, and random things thrown in such as outfit posts, recipes and the like. Not to mention I house my design services through my blog too! I'm basically trying to become the next Martha Stewart : )


  1. Love this girls style!

    ♥ Em

  2. Melanie is such a talented lady! She's done an amazing job of my blog <3

    1. Yes she has! I love everything about it, its perfect for your business!

  3. She is very talented!!! I wish I was a graphic designer!! It would make blogging that much easier!!

    1. Oh i know! Everything is such a process for me when it comes to my blog because I'm so clueless. Haha! I'm glad you checked her out!!


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