Sunday Mash-Up!

Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful Sunday so far! I am loving that the fall weather has kicked in and it is so amazing outside...

Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful Sunday so far! I am loving that the fall weather has kicked in and it is so amazing outside. Of course I took my Sunday morning trip to the flea market, man did I score big today! If you want to see all of my lovely finds, come back on Thursday when I host Thrifty Thursday Link Party with Lara's Vintage!
Here are some of my finds:
 I am so in love with these chairs. Fate seriously brought us together...hahaha...seriously. I saw the chairs and I was instantly drawn to the bright floral pattern. The seller offered the set of three chairs to me for $10.00, and even though I wanted them, there was no way they would fit in my hatchback. I just had to pass them up. As I was walking away the seller ran up to me and told me that if I really wanted them they were mine..for free. If only I had the room! Jared and I packed up the rest of our finds and started to drive away but he could tell that I really wanted them. He suggested that I run back and see if there was a way we could pick the chairs up later from the seller. I hopped out into traffic and ran back to where I had seen the chairs. I talked to the guy and he was super nice and offered to meet us somewhere to get them. My husband picked them up earlier, he's the best!
I also found this sweet Pyrex pitcher with matching cups! I got eight of the glasses and the pitcher in perfect condition! They are going to be listed in the shop this week!

Earlier this month I talked about ordering from Paper Coterie and I had a really fantastic experience with them! I just received my two journals, they turned out so great.
If you aren't familiar, Paper Coterie is a company were you can customize and create tons of products such as calanders, notebooks, and photo books. Their prices are reasonable and their products are a perfect way to show off my instagram photos!
These will be perfect little blogging journals!

 I also mentioned yesterday that I was taking part in a giveaway over at The Rural Knitter. This is her first giveaway and I am really happy to be a part of the celebration. The best part of it all is if you enter, you could possibly win the cutest little hand knitted slippers and coffee mug cozy, perfect for Fall! Listed above are all the prizes you could win if you enter! 

I'm really hoping Kayla opens an etsy shop full of her sweet little projects!

Enjoy whats left of your weekend!

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  1. Those chairs are awesome! Isn't it fun to have a guy who knows when you really want something?! Have a great day!

    1. It is! I'm so glad he made me go back :) have a lovely one!

  2. Those chairs!!!!! I'm looking for 4 of the most perfect retro chairs ever and those fit the bill! I'll have to keep my eyes out for some in my area. Great finds!

  3. i have the plates and mixing bowls (and for some reason i found but did not buy the mugs) in the crazy daisy print but i didn't know that the world's awesomest matching pitcher existed. it's beautiful.

    1. It's one of the best pyrex prints! The entire set is just awesome. The guy who sold it to me called it the Brady Bunch set!

  4. I entered! I hope to win a credit to your shop :] I love the Pyrex set, I have never ever seen cups like those. I absolutely adore them!


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