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Friday, October 12, 2012

 Welp, today is the day, I'm 22 years old. Another year older, another year of experiences under my belt. This last year has been pretty fantastic for me. I added a little boy to the hive and it's been more than a joy to watch him grow and flourish right before my eyes. I started this blog and opened my etsy shop and it's brought me so many great friends and helped me explore many hobbies and interests along the way. I started homeschooling this year, and watched Miss Marli take on many challenges but push herself to be her very best. So many great memories were formed this year and there's no doubt that many more are on their way.

Today is the last day of my birthday giveaway! I hope that you checked out all of the lovely ladies who have contributed, I'm so incredibly grateful to each and every one of them!
 I wish each and every one of you good luck!

I leave you with some pretty cute family pictures we recently had taken! A big thank you to my longtime friend Brittany Branson from LoudSights Photography for the amazing pictures!



  1. Happy happy birthday lovely lady!!!
    These are all so incredibly adorable! <3

  2. These pictures are absolutely adorable!!!

  3. Happy birthday lady! You have an adorable family, great photos :)

  4. Happy birthday!! I love your family photos!! :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! Adorable blog and pictures :)

  6. Happy Birthday pretty lady! I love your family snapshots!

  7. Happy Birthday! What beautiful photos!!xxx

  8. You are such a beautiful family! Your kids are so adorable. Happy belated Birthday!


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