Saturday, October 20, 2012


Well it's finally here, the last sponsor spotlight for the season. Next Saturday I will be shouting out all of my large sponsors for the fall season so make sure you come back and meet all the lovely ladies that have been posted up on the side of my blog the last couple of months.

December first starts a new season of sponsors here at the blog, so if you're looking for ad space some will be available for you then. If you are currently a sponsor you can renew your ad via passionfruit! I will be offering all of my current sponsors COUPON CODES so if you're interested email me!

And now meet BreAnna! She has been a fantastic sponsor to the blog and she is also one of the hosts of The GFC Collective, the new blog hop I'm hosting every Monday! I love her blog! It's full of all kinds of crafty ideas and it inspires me to try so many projects! 

Hello lovely Busy Bee readers, I’m BreAnna from Peacoats and Plaid. Pleased to meet you :)

I started blogging as a means to catalog my DIY and crafty endeavors. I never expected to have many “followers” or people who wanted to read about what I was up to. Who knew people were actually interested in little ol’ me?

With the introduction of my little girl (Bean, as I like to call her) it has since morphed into a crafty/DIY/mommy blog hybrid. My posts usually have a creative theme or I’m sharing our family adventures through my photography.

Needless to say, I don’t get around to doing my own crafting as often nowadays. But I have a lot of fun perusing the interwebs and rounding up my favorite creative projects to share with my wonderful readers :)
Stop by and say hello, I love to get to know new friends!

Hope you check her blog out and show her some love! 
Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. I love BreAnna's blog!! I've been following for a while! She's awesome & her little baby is so adorable! Anyway, I'm stopping by and following from the blog hop <3 xoxo


    1. Thanks for stopping by! She is so fantastic!