Friday, November 16, 2012

 Oh my, it's been such an insane week for me! I went to a wedding, did some redecorating around the house, and planned some fun things for the blog. I have been knitting my brains out filling orders for the handmade shop and creating tons of stock! Everything is looking so good and it's definitely keeping me busy.
I've also been going crazy over Thanksgiving and Hunter's birthday. I can't believe it's less than a week away. I still have a bunch of birthday shopping to do I'm such a terrible procrastinator, It drives me insane!
If you haven't noticed I also had the crazy idea to completely redesign my blog in one day so there are a lot of changes and a bunch of things still needing to be spruced up. Please bare with me!
I'm loving the new look, I'm so glad it finally feels right. Hopefully this will stick around a little while!
Here is a little peek of what's been going on around the hive.

1.// My cat photo bombing a cute shot of my sleepy kiddos. 2.// Knitting my first hat! 3.// It's so cold, yay for hot tea! 4.// Hunter taking Sissy down! 5.// My grandma brought me ice wine from Canada, holy jeeze I never want any other wine ever again! 6.// I attended my lovely neighbors swanky wedding, classy classy. 7.// Hunter's new favorite hobby. 8.// Got a lovely painting in the mail from, it looks great in my guest bathroom! 9.// Mr. Messy Eater 10.// I have a special new project coming to the blog! 11.// Marli texting daddy while he's at 12.// Marli was so excited to vote with me and wore her voting sticker proud. She even put the ballot in the counting machine. 

There have been so many good picture oppertunities lately so sorry for posting so many!
Hope you all have had a lovely week!


  1. Love the new design! Also Hunter's squishy face on the glass door, hehe

  2. Hahaa the photo bombing pic still makes me laugh! Your home looks so beautiful, and it's decorated in so many lovely colours!!

  3. Marli is too precious really!
    these pics are super adorable and it looks like you have an amazing amazing family
    so blessed!

    anyway, I am a first visitor here and absolutely in love with your blog
    definitely following you via GFC
    hopefully you'd follow back :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  4. Your house is so pretty!! And you really do have some adorable youngsters :)

  5. OH! And i love the new blog design :)

  6. Great pictures, love the atmosphere & general feeling of your pictures :)

  7. Lovely instagram photos! Instagram makes everything that much more beautiful, it seems...-Jessica L

  8. Looks wonderful! Have fun with your knitting project:)

    That owl art work in your daughter's room is so cute by the way! And I just love her bed. Do you remember where you got it? (I'm moving soon and that would be perfect, though I doubt I could get it shipped here. Still worth a shot, right?)

  9. So many lovely pics! Is that a bookcase used as Marly's headboard?!
    If so, that's ingenius!!!

  10. i love how you set up the different frames in your living room. they look so cute! and your kids are adorable :)

    andrea brionne

  11. Your little girl is so cute!!!!!!


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