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If you don't know already, I'm a huge foodie. I love trying new things and making food as fresh and healthy as possible, thoug...

If you don't know already, I'm a huge foodie. I love trying new things and making food as fresh and healthy as possible, though sometimes I can't resist my love of cheese, bread, and baked sweets. I haven't had much time for cooking recently, but I have been collecting quite the pin board of yummy recipes to try once things slow down here. Here's a little taste of the food I've been drooling over.
 I'm always down for a good dip, and this Gouda fondu just sounds sinful.
 I really know how you can go wrong with the flavor combos going on in this bread pudding!
 I always love sliders, especially for the kids. This black bean and sweet potato recipe sounds so yummy and fresh!
 This would be such a great side dish for the holidays! I always love new takes on the classic sweet potato.
This brie and bacon grilled cheese sounds delicious, but they took it one step further with fig jam! I could totally go for that.

Now that I've probably got you wishing that you had a snack, go ahead and link up to The GFC Collective. You wont be sent food (sorry), but lots of new blogging buddies will be sent your way! 
Have fun!

Welcome to the weekly "GFC Collective" party :) This is a link up for bloggers who want to gain followers and meet some awesome new bloggy buddies. I have met some pretty neat people by following them with GFC. It's so easy to keep up to date with all of my fav blogs :)

Not sure if this is the blog hop for you? Listen to what other bloggers have to say...

"Im dropping by to let you know that I love being a part of your blog hop!  I have been meeting really nice bloggers.  Bloggers who are actually friendly and want to connect! 
Im putting the blog hop button on my side bar, like, permanently!  Everyone should know about it. 

Just thought I'd share with you. 

Thank you."
-Vickie, Oh Abby Day

"Just to let you know, your blog hop is the best I've participated in for gaining new friends!!! I couldn't believe the results!! Thank you!"
- Danavee, This Vintage Grove

Has the GFC Collective done wonders for your following? Let me know, shoot me an email at peacoatsnplaid(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Hi there, Autumn! Just stopping in to say that I am a new follower from the GFC blog hop! I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting bloggers and have found some favs throughout the last few weeks! Thanks so much for hosting! I look forward to spending more time in your little corner of the internet! :) PS- Your food post above likes DELICIOUS! I am so hungry just after reading! I blog about newlywed world over at :)

  2. That bread pudding looks SO good. My husband and I are always looking for new bread pudding recipes :)

  3. mhm that all looks so yummy! Making me very hungry. Already a follower, just though I'd pop in to say hi, have a wonderful week.

  4. that gouda fondue seriously looks like heaven! so good haha. new follower here! excited to follow along :)

    xo Britta

  5. How fun! I'm a new follower - thanks for hosting!


  6. Omg, all of that looks so good! And now I'm hungry thanks to you! ;-)

    New follower on Facebook!

  7. Oh gosh, I'm almost drooling now

  8. Just discovered this link up. Excited to be following along and joining :)

  9. Hello Autumn! I'm a new follower!
    This black bean and sweet potato pattie seems like something I should made! Thanks for sharing!

  10. That gouda fondue looks amazing. I would probably lick the bowl clean...haha.

    New follower!! SO glad I found your blog. :-) Can't wait to read more!

  11. Hi I'm a new follower from the GFC collective, thanks for hosting!

  12. wow, those recipes made me starve! I stumble your blog through GFC collective and I'm your new follower, glad i did and can't wait to read more.

    happy week ahead.

  13. wow, those recipes made me hungry! i stumble your blog through GFC collective and I'm your new follower, glad i did because I want to see and read more from you.

    happy week ahead.

  14. That ooey gooeyness in the first photo has me wondering if fondu is an appropriate breakfast food. I just discovered your lovely blog...glad to now be following along!

  15. Yummy!

    I am your new follower via GFC. I'm new with this blog hop too.

  16. Um ok now that I am drooling on my computer. These look so, so delicious!


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