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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello Loves! Today I have a little treat for you all. The amazing Alex from Typical 90's Child is stopping by to introduce herself to you all and tell you a little bit about what what she does over on her side of the interwebz. I am obsessed with her blog and she has been a friend of mine since I started here at The Busy Bee. Thanks so much for helping me out during my little blog slump Alex, take it away!

I blog over on Typical 90's child... I'm so excited to be able to be here today to introduce myself to you lovely ladies. My blog is somewhat of a mix between a fashion and personal blog. I love all things 20's through 60's, but am truly a 90's girl at heart. You can almost always find me wearing a girly vintage dress paired with some Doc. Martens. I'm a homeschooling mom of 2 boys which means we only have one income, so you can be sure that anything I'm wearing on my blog was either found at a thrift store for a couple $ or handmade by me (like the dress above, and skirt below)...that's right, I love sewing, and have plans to open up my very own Etsy shop pretty soon!

From time to time I'll do a simple little DIY...
Fabric flower tutorial                                                Clutch/wallet DIY

and recently I even did my very first vlog tutorial (eeep!)...

Thanks for getting to know me, and a huge thank you to Autumn for having me!!
If you stop by make sure to say hi, and leave a link to your page so I can do the same! :)

Have a wonderful Saturday darlings!


  1. Hey girl! I love the placement of your wrist tattoo. Super fab! And I love your dress! Beautiful. Looking forward to your shop :]

  2. hello! thanks for sharing love, your stuff the clutch/wallet DIY are really cute!

  3. Thanks ladies, and thanks again for having me Autumn!

    1. Hello :) I tried following your blog but it says it's by invitation only.
      Can you invite me, pretty please? ;)
      If you don't respond, it's ok. I will assume you have it private for a good reason. Thanks!
      Laura Huey from

  4. i am so happy i re-found your blog after the name change!

  5. Alex is so adorable! I want her to make clothes for me. :)


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