Toddler Sewing Basket!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This year for my daughter's birthday I decided to hold off on tons of store bought toys and hand make some fun toys and activities that she could enjoy. Since handi-skills such as sewing are important to learn for a young child and since I'm a crafty lady myself  I decided to throw together a craft/sewing basket that was appropriate for young ones. Marli is always watching me crochet and embroider and wants to take part in what I'm doing...but let's just face it, when you're stitching away the last thing you want is your three year old all up in your grill. This little basket is the perfect solution (or so I hope) to keeping her entertained while she learns vital skills. I found similar ideas to this all over Pinterest and drew from a few of their ideas and from activities done in Montessori schools. I can't wait until she digs in on her birthday, oh how exciting! You can change your basket up depending on what your kid is interested in and add more and more items as their skills increase. If you make a sewing basket for your little let me know how it goes over in your home! 
What's In My Basket:
Basket or Bin to put everything up in.
Plastic Embroidery Hoop
Large Plastic Yarn Needle
A Few Small Balls of Yarn
Rick Rack
Embroidery Thread
A Few FQ of Fabric
Pipe Cleaners 
Mason Jar
Wooden Spools
Rubber Kitchen Drawer Liner
Crochet Flower 
Pom Poms

 There are a bunch of fun activities that can come from this basket! The embroidery hoop and drawer liner make a perfect canvas for your little to experiment stitching on and the holes are big enough for them to see. You could also turn your hoop into the perfect tool to teach weaving! The mason jar, pipe cleaners, and wooden spools make up a very fun Montessori activity that teaches how to thread, but using huge wooden beads would be fun too! I can see a lot of pipe cleaner jewelry coming my way! There are so many ways to make this basket perfect for your little one.


  1. what a great idea. do you think your daughter will be able to do it by herself or need a lot of help?

    1. Marli will be four on Friday so she's on the older side, but the post that inspired me said that her daughter was two and did really well playing with it. I think she will mosty be able to do it on her own, I think she will need help threading the needle at first and just knowing what all the different things are but I think she will catch in quick and be pretty self dependent with it.

  2. great idea! much better than any computer game!


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