Marli Turns Four!

  Friday was my little girls fourth birthday! Whoa! We threw her a little party yesterday to celebrate with friends and family and she ha...

Friday was my little girls fourth birthday! Whoa! We threw her a little party yesterday to celebrate with friends and family and she had a fantastic time. All the girls played dress up and even Hunter wore a party hat. We enjoyed hot dogs, cotton candy, pink lemonade, and of course cake! My mom did a great job making Marli's cake, it was perfect for her circus themed party! All in all a great time was had, Marli was spoiled like a little princess. I wish I would have gotten more pictures but my camera wasn't working well and Marli did not want her picture taken pretty much all day so this is what I have to work with. At least I got time to enjoy the party as well instead of being behind the camera or in the kitchen, that's what I call a successful party!

 I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and make sure you link up to The GFC Collective!

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  1. Oh goodness, her dress is simply adorable!! And I love the cups with the muscle men :]

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Your daughters party is totally adorable! I love the circus theme!

  3. she is so sweet the way she is posing! happy!

  4. New follower via the blog hop! And 4th b-day to your daughter! She is such a doll!

  5. Wow! That's an awesome cake and such cute party decor! You are very talented...can't wait to see more. Following along from the GFC Collective linkup.

  6. Newest follower! loving your daughter's party!

  7. Thanks for hosting the blog hop and enjoy your week:)

    Lillies & Silk

  8. Hi, I found you via the blog hop and I'm a new follower! Your daughter's party was SO. CUTE. LOVE the chalkboard sign!!

    Lauren @

  9. New follower!!! The decorations and design of the party looked amazing!!!! Your daughter looked so happy :)

  10. love how fun and adorable your site is! i'm a new follower from the link up, and so happy i found your blog!

  11. Hey hun,
    Following your blog through the GFC Collective.
    Oh my goodness your daughters birthday looks AMAZING! I love the chalkboard detail truely beautiful, I really want to learn how to write like that.
    Super glad I found your blog I love it!
    Gi xx

  12. Hi! New follower from the GFC Blog Hop! Thanks for hosting--great blog!

  13. Your little girl is adorable! And what great style she has!!

    I am a new follower. Just found you through the blog hop!


  14. She is such a cutie pie! I just noticed you hung the garland up haha.

  15. Hi! I'm following from the GFC collective blog hop!

    Happy Birthday to Marli. :)

    Yaya @

  16. I'm new to the link up & a new follower. I just love your blog design. Marli's party looks so fun - that cake is amazing!

  17. Thanks for the link up girl, I'm your newest follower because of it! xoxo


  18. Your daughter is the cutest! What a lovely party and cake :)

    Following from the hop! Thanks for hosting :)


  19. Oh that party set up is so adorable, as well as your daughter! So cute :)


  20. How adorable! I love the heart sunnies! The whole party looked like it was made for a princess.

    That cake is spectacular!


  21. Honey, your mom didn't just do a good job with that cake. She did an awesome job! It looks fantastic! I'm so glad your daughter had a great birthday party!

  22. New follower from the GFC blog hop! I am dying over how cute Marli's dress is! :)

  23. What an adorable party. The cake is so amazing! Am a new follower through the GFC Collective. :)

    lace, etc.

  24. What a great theme for a party! Her dress is adorable! Love the bow detail!

  25. Hello there! I am a new follower through the blog hop!

  26. New follower!! Cute party and I love the design of your site!

  27. Your daughter is so cute, and it looks like her party was a big success! I'm a new GFC follower, and I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  28. Oh my goodness, Autumn! She is just ADORABLE!!

  29. I am a new follower! Your daughter is adorable! I look forward to learning more about you!

  30. Again an amazing cake from your mom, and Marli is just too cute!

  31. new follower from the blog hop! please check out my blog as well!

  32. new follower! please stop by my blog too!

  33. Love the outfit and decor! you did a great job

    Following via the GFC Collective :) Zoe Lee

  34. New follower!! So excited to be a part of this blog hop! I can't wait to discover some amazing blogs and meet new people!! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL too, btw! In love with this layout! <33
    xx Amanda,

  35. Hello I am a new follower :-)
    Your blog looks lovely!


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