A week in snapshots.

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's been a good week here at the hive. Marli had her first trip to the American Girl doll store, she picked out a very cute little freckled girl she named Kitty. The weather started looking up this week, the sun started shining and the kids had some time outside for once. Man, have I missed that! I also started a special little project that I will be blogging about once it's complete! I'm really excited about it's progress, it's turning out much better than expected. All in all I feel as though I accomplished a lot this past week, and that is a great feeling.  Here is a few snapshots of what we were up to!

1.// Meekah taking a little cat nap in the sun. 2.// A little look at my latest project, can you guess what it is? 3.// Marli wanted to do an "outfit post". Future blogger in the making. 4.// Sported all my bees for some girl time with one of my lady friend. 5.// I bought husband and wife mugs, hahaha yea. 6.// New pictures for some of my stock in the Handmade store, Lola (yes,my mannequin has a name) finally got some use. 7.// Marli in front of American Girl! 8.// Caught the kiddos mid snuggle, so sweet! 9.// Hunter playing on the back porch, all dirty and sweet as ever.


  1. I love that photo of her at American Girl because I know that pure joy and it's a great feeling! I couldn't help but smile real big when I saw it :]
    ♥Emma Deer

  2. These are all such great photos! Your kids are such cuties! :)

  3. eeeee everything here is perfect! you are lovely and you have lovely little ones!

    lindsey louise

  4. great photos. can't wait to see what your project here turns out to be!

  5. These photos are so lovely! I just found your blog & it's just beauitful. :) I'm excited to be following along!


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