Things I Love Thursday//Sponsor Edition.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I thought it would be fun to ask all of my sponsors what they were loving this month and they gave my wishlists that made my heart swoon. Check out all of these lovely ladies favorite things and go drop by all of their blogs and say hello!

Hi I'm Summer Candy from Oh Summer Candy. Yes Summer Candy is my real name and no my parents were not hippies (I wish). I'm a frugal finding fanatic with a love for anything vintage. You can find me exploring the mountains, listening to music or eating hamburgers! 
I'm a 23 year old stay at home wife of a chef, living in Long Beach, California. We've got two adorable little pups named Bentley (it's a long story that you can find on my blog!) expecting our first baby boy in early July! I'm a full time lifestyle blogger and Etsy shop owner, with a major vintage, food & fashion addiction. My favorite vintage would have to be anything from the 40's & 50's, with its bold patterns, pops of pastels and clean lines.
Cake plates. // Pink Fiat // Retro bathing suit

blog // twitter // tumblr
I'm Chantal, and I'm an animal loving, plant eating shoe addict! I run my own shop called PonyChops where I sell hand painted shoes and Russian Dolls. I love to create fun patterns and colour combinations!
Hannah Banana Bakery // London College of Fashion Showtime //  Art Equals Happy

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  My name is Lauren and I'm into style, food and cats. I grew up in New York and now I live in Nashville, TN with my boyfriend and our four cats. I'm obsessed with pompoms, clothes with kittens on it, running, and trying new restaurants.
Black Milk Galaxy Rainbow Catusuit // Thrive's Cleveland sofa // Fuun Koneko Shirt by drop dead

blog // twitter // etsy
My name is Allison Kennedy. I've been a bartender for almost seven years now, and although working in a restaurant bar hasn't made me smarter, I have met a lot of characters.  I grew up in Northern California but now live in Corona, California. I am engaged to a wonderful mustached man who owns my heart.
I love all things Morrissey.  Just take a look at my chest.
This little blog is linked to my Etsy store where you will find cute little creations inspired by these stories, as well as some lovely knit goods I like to whip up from time to time.  I love contributors, followers and feedback!  If you are a grumpy girl holding a jigger, a paintbrush, a crochet needle, or perhaps a potato chip and you have something to say, please contact me!
Tumbleweeds Handcraft sunglasses // Sloth medal // Fox dress

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I'm an English designer living in North Carolina and attending school full time. Rosie and Pepe is my baby, I make hand made baby clothes from vintage and re purposed fabrics as well as other fun baby things. Rosie and Pepe wouldn't have come this far if it hadn't been from the help of my fiancé who spreads the word to every one he meets and gives me honest advice from a none fashion designer perspective. I love indie/alternative/punk music, playing with make up, fashion and thrifting.
Macaron coin purse // Cat eye sunglasses // Majestic horse knickers

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 Hi all!  My name is Jennifer and I'm a baker, feminist, fledgling photographer, tentative explorer, avid reader, quasi crafter and Athens, GA dweller.  Stop by m'blog Grits And Moxie and visit for a spell...
Window box // Madewell Keds // Vegan soft pretzels

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Hi I'm Tori and I'm so excited to be doing this today! I write over at Cheers to Chaos.  I'm a wife and stay at home Momma to two little girls.  I blog about my daily crazy life, and pretty much anything else.  Hope you come by and check it out!
TOMS //  Johnson's baby hand and face wipes // Heart perfume

blog // twitter // etsy
Hi, I'm Lindsey Louise and I run a blog to document my daily outfits and adventures in Kansas City, Missouri. I am a full-time Early Elementary Education major, vintage clothing collector, coffee connoisseur, and lover of animals.
Moleskine Volant Mini Ruled Notebook // Speedball Fabric Red Printing Ink // Tapioca pearls


  1. a great post - lovin the new name too!

  2. I keep forgetting to say how much I love the new-look - I always love your colours! x

  3. Such a cute blog! and I love the post!

  4. Love this post! Great idea!

  5. fun post! i love that macaron coin purse and those moleskine notebooks are my fave too.


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