Thrifty Thursday // Pyrex Madness.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Thrifty Thursday again my friends! I look forward to these posts so much when I get a few good hauls in! Yesterday we talked about Pyrex, so why not just keep going? I had one of the best Pyrex thrifting weeks of my life! The husband finally broke down and we spent a whole day last weekend just driving around and stopping at every place we could. I ended up spending a whopping twenty on all this stuff and this isn't even all of it! I found more Pyrex mugs, Pyrex plates, and a killer cheese tray that matches the peanut jar shown! The shop is definitely getting stocked up with some new goodies. I'm already sorting everything "one for you, two for me"! Sorry, it's hard to say goodbye to Pyrex!
1.// This was the super score for me. I have a bunch of mixing bowls but this butterfly gold is hugeeeeee and a decent price. 2.// More teacups and a divided dish lid, because I need so many. 3.// I can't get enough of Spring Blossom!  4.// A fun peanut jar and a super creepy and amazing vintage Avon bottle. Those eyes are staring into my soul. ahhh!

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  1. I love #1 and that peanut jar0! So cute.

  2. I am loving the Pyrex! I wouldn't mind finding some, but anytime I go out, I haven't seen a thing! I guess I don't live in the right area or people are grabbing them before me!


  3. I love that Avon bottle. It's is so cute. I love little quirky nick knacks like that.

  4. Pyrex is my Achilles heel. I just can't stop collecting! It seems like you have such different Pyrex in the States. I will have to share my latest finds and we can compare!

  5. ahhhh pyrex - i found the meca of pyrex a couple weekends back- ive been meaning to post up the pictures - check out my blog later next week and i'll post the pictures- it was insane! i only got two refrigerator dishes- i restrained myself quite well!

    awesome finds!

  6. What great finds! I'm sad to report that I don't own a single piece of Pyrex. Although my mom has quite the collection :)

  7. ohhhhhh, that peanut jar is amazing!

  8. gosh i wish that i could find that kind of stuff.


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