In Bloom.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm a cardigan addict, I admit. I wear a cardigan or sweater pretty much everyday and sometimes my favorites just get boring and old. My favorite way to fix this problem and jazz up my cardigans is to add fun and kitsch-y brooches and pins. I am obsessed with vintage flower enamel pins especially, all of the colors and styles make me so happy and keep me festive for the spring. Sometimes these cuties can get pretty pricey so if you're ever on a thrift run and you stumble upon some at a great price you better grab them up! Here are some of my favorite blooms straight from Etsy!

One. // Two. // Three. // Four. // Five. // Six. // Seven. // Eight.

How do you like to keep your wardrobe updated and fresh?


  1. gorgeous! i just picked up a strawberry one from cath kidston that is PERFECT for jazzing up tired jumpers! just.. waiting for spring now.

  2. I love these! what a fun way to dress things up.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Lulu and Daisy

  3. These are really cute. My mom has been buying these up to make home deco pictures with them. They look beautiful hanging on a wall, too.

  4. So cute! I love the idea of accesorizing your cardis to come up with something new. I wear cardis all the time too!

    Just found your blog through Emma Dear. Definitely your newest follower! You and your kiddos are gorgeous :)

  5. Wow! Those are all so beautiful! I have a small collection of vintage flower pins. I never wear them. I think you inspired me to though!


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