Oh,Sweet Saturdays // With a Twist!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

When I'm searching for new recipes on Pinterest I always look for food that is unique and interesting. I'm a self proclaimed foodie and trying new things is one of the best parts about cooking and baking. Sweet treats have a special place in my heart, so when I see a brand new take on a classic recipe I usually rush off to try it! Today I collected a few yummy recipes that take classics and add a twist. Enjoy!

1.// Honey Butter Popcorn, a new take on a sweet and salty classic. 2.// The most exciting thing about cupcakes is exploring different flavor combinations. Try out this salted caramel apple recipe when your in an adventurous mood! 3.// This lavender macaron is something different and delicious, the color combination is beautiful too! 4.// Everyone loves a classic chocolate chip cookie, but why not kick it up a notch? These peanut butter pretzel chocolate chip cookie bites are sure to be a hit! 5.// Classic vanilla flavor, rich and creamy texture. You can never go wrong with frozen yogurt! 6.// This no bake raspberry lemon cheese cake is simple and fresh. 7.// Want to go all out? What about maple bacon doughnuts?!

Are you hungry yet?


  1. This Pinterest treat is awesome!

  2. I love trying new recipes. My mom used to make the same recipes over and over and I'd always find new things for us to try. She told me that other day that she's being more experimental these days because of me :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I am *drooling*! Those all look sinfully delicious. :D

  4. oh. my. goodness. Those macarons...

    -Emma from


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