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Friday, April 12, 2013

It's been so much fun this past week with the kiddos. Hunter discovered that he can blow kisses and give high fives, so he has been extra cute by showing off all of his new tricks. I love this age, they discover so much at once and everything they do is adorable even when it's bad. Marli has been working extra hard trying to write her name without having to trace or ask for help. Boy, oh boy is teaching a lefty different! We like the challenge though and Marli thinks she is extra special because she's the only lefty in the hive. 
The weather was beautiful in the beginning of the week so of course we started planting again and grilled burgers and hot dogs. We also made a flea market trip, the first one this year! How exciting?! The great weather didn't last too long though, we have been dealing with severe storms and it's chilly once again.
How's life in your neck of the woods?

1.// Marli being a little super model, she does that a lot. 2.// Getting caught up on lesson plans, man was I behind. I am so unorganized sometimes! 3.// King Hunter!  4.// Modeling Hunter's fox hat in progress. 5.// Veggie garden in the works. 6.// Water colors and tea, what better way to spend a rainy day? 7.// My adorable new macaron stitch markers from Bead Passion! I'm in love with this Etsy shop! 8.// My incredibly lovely flea market haul. 9.// Hunter making his "sweet" face! 10.// A little peak at the cover of my new sketch journal, I had so much fun painting this. 11.// Elephant snuggles! 12.// I love these two sweet little things.

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  1. That elephant reminds me of the one I had as a child. Love it!
    Lulu and Daisy


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