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Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Thrifty Thursday again, so if you have any goodwill treasures or flea market goodies be sure to link them up and join in on the fun! To be honest, I didn't even go thrifting this week. These are some of the odds and ends that were left out of last week's thrifty finds post, so I thought I would share them today. I'm especially in love with the coffee carafe, my sister in law actually thrifted it for me and the design is great and it's in wonderful condition. She knows me well! I will be listing the set of four Corelle plates in the shop soon, there are matching mugs listed as well and the pattern is great for spring! They are so bright and fun!
What have you thrifted lately? What is your favorite thing to find in thrift stores?

1.// I love this fun set of bar-ware glasses I found, these go great with the rest of my collection.  2.// These Corelle plates were a steal and the patten is so pretty!  3.// This coffee carafe is gorgeous, Thank you sister in law!  4.// I am still trying to figure out if this is a shot glass or a tea light holder, either way the design is fun and i'm all about decorative glass.


  1. I am loving those cute dishes!! ADORABLE!!:)
    Rebecca :)

  2. You find the best types of glassware. I love that blue piece. I never seem to find any kitchen items because I'm too busy thrifting books :)

    Happy Thrifting,
    MJ @

  3. Amazing finds! I love those dishes, too!

    Young Mommy Memoirs

  4. i LOVE that corelle. i have a corningware dish with that print. i love it. the blue glass lookes like a candle holder to me.

  5. Love the plates. I saw the same ones a while back. Sad I didn't get them.


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