Friday, May 24, 2013

A Beautiful Mess takes over Instagram!

My instagram feed came alive this week with the release of the A Beautiful Mess app created by Elsie and Emma. Every picture that I viewed had fun doodles and boarders galore. I love when I see fellow bloggers develop apps that make photo editing and blogging just a little more fun! The success of their first app was a no brainer to me but it was wonderful to see just how many people support the blogging community and enjoyed their photo editing app as a result! Keep up the good work ladies! If you want to download another blogger created app download BlogGo created by Dana from Wonder Forest. It makes mobile blogging a breeze and it also uploads your Google Friend Connect subscriptions so you can keep up to date with your favorite blogs! If you haven't downloaded either app I suggest you jump on it, they are fantastic.
Here's a little taste of my week via Instagram.
1.// My first photo using the wonderful A Beautiful Mess app, I may have gone a little overboard with it but playing about with it is just so much fun!  2.// I received a lovely package full of goodies from my blogging bud Okay, Allison! 3.// Marli got a very cute "fortune" in her cookie.  4.// I thrifted this little mug, swoon. The other side may or may not say best grandma, I wont argue. 5.// Feeling animalistic. 6.// Morning tea in my new sunny tea set.  7.// Nothing like monkey bread with home made icing.  8.// Marli is already addicted to Goodwill. She actually asked me to take this picture for her. 9.// I haven't had anytime for projects lately, but I've been managing to sneak a row in a night, I'm loving this hand spun wool and how beautifully this scarf is turning out. 10.// Hunter splashing in post storm puddles. 11.// This photo is exactly what happens everyday that my husband works from home. No work for you Mr.

What did you guys do this week?


  1. Your blog is truly adorable. Added your button to my site because I love it so much. Alice @ The Owl's Skull

  2. adore the app. they can do no wrong!

  3. Cute photos! The Beautiful Mess app is fun, and I love how you used it in the first photo. I've added you on Instagram.

    I've also been meaning to try out BlogGo so thanks for the rec.!