Fresh Garden Flat Bread.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial day for those of you in the States! Recently I had a small dinner party with a few of my friends and I struggled to find a quick and filling appetizer that would keep me out of the kitchen and stress free. Finally I decided that a flat bread was the answer. Flat breads are low prep, easy to cook, and fully customizable, the perfect little dish for every occasion! I wanted to keep my appetizer on the light side so I chose ingredients that were fresh and delicious. Veggies are always a great choice when you don't want to be stuffed before you even reach your main course. This flat bread fit the bill and was a perfect compliment to the pink moscato party that was already raging in my belly. 
If you try out this recipe let me know and get crazy with the ingredients! You can add as little or as much as you like and if you're wanting your flat bread as a main course you can always add meat to make it more hearty!

What You'll Need:

1 box of Jiffy pizza dough, or you can make your dough from scratch using this recipe.
Shredded Monterrey Cheese
Feta Cheese
Honey Goat Cheese
Spinach Leaves
Red Onion, finely chopped
Golden Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced
 Zia's Sweet Italian Dressing, or other sweet Italian vinaigrette.
 Preheat your over to 350 degrees. Prepare your flat bread crust according to the recipe on the box or your own recipe. After the dough is ready, on a well floured surface roll out your dough until it is nice and thin but has no holes or tears. Then transfer your dough onto a pizza stone or in my case, a baking sheet with a good ole layer of aluminum foil for easy clean up. I let my dough sit on top of the preheating oven while I prepared the rest of my ingredients, this way it has a little time to set and you don't have to pre-bake your crust. 

Chop all of your veggies into bit size pieces, I don't give exact measurements because everyone likes things a little differently. I like to go crazy with the red onion but I'm sure there are plenty of you that aren't the biggest onion fans, I respect you guys.
After your ingredients are ready it's topping time! My favorite part!
Coat your entire flat bread crust with a thin layer of finely shredded Monterrey cheese making sure that you cover all the way out to the very edge. Unless you really like a lot of crust I suggest you cover that baby good because your dough will expand. Then, sprinkle on your desired amount of Feta cheese or bleu cheese if you prefer, again, it's all about you.
Next add your veggies, I started with the cherry tomato and went from edge to edge making sure that every bite would have all of the yummy flavors involved. I then added a massive amount of red onion, which of course you can adjust to your liking. Sprinkle your spinach on next, remember to be evenly distributing all of your ingredients! I topped the whole think off with a nice amount of crumbled honey goat cheese, you know I'm a huge fan of that! I used it in my Cherokee Street knock off recipe as well, yum!
I did a little sprinkle of fresh cracked black pepper and then popped it into the oven for about 10 minutes. Time may vary depending on your altitude and oven, you know, all that scientific cooking stuff. I like to just guesstimate and check on it frequently. When your crust is looking a golden and your cheese is melted you're ready to remove your flat bread and let it cool!
To add a little extra kick I drizzled the flat bread with Zia's Sweet Italian dressing which is a local treat, but I'm sure there are plenty of yummy Italian vinaigrette that would compliment this flat bread perfectly!

Now cut with a pizza cutter and enjoy a yummy and fresh semi-homemade flat bread with your best mates and a bottle of wine (or two).


  1. That looks tasty, and it's really pretty with all the different colored foods. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. That looks awesome! I make a similar bbq chicken pizza but these flavors look delicious too!

  3. I'm so hungry now... I love the way you set up the post with the ingredients first! So cute :)


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