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Thursday, May 23, 2013


This week's "things" were inspired by pretty petals. I love light blush shades and bold floral patterns and all these sweet items fit the bill. I'm especially loving those ankle strap ballet flats, simple and cute is always a win with me! Check out what else I'm loving this week from some of my favorite bloggers!

to eat// Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess are always sharing the most creative ways to make food tasty as can be. This week they shared six ways to jazz up your daily toast and make it yummy for every occasion. My favorite has got to be the cream cheese, lox, and tomato version! Find your possible new toast addiction here!
to make// If you have littles you know that doodling is one of the only activities that can spark your child's creativity and keep them entertained for hours. Olga from Wassup Brothers shared this really awesome drawing activity, originally shared by Beat + Rubbish  and I thought the idea was brilliant and the creative possibilities are endless.  

to wear// Kate from Scathingly Brilliant is always dressed to the nines in amazing colors and accessories. I envy her entire wardrobe! Check out this super cute aqua and mustard color combo and try to contain yourself!  

to admire// One Sheepish Girl is probably one of my favorite blogs to admire. Recently she took a little trip to San Fransisco and she photographed her trip along the way. Check out her amazing and awe inspiring vacation through instagram photos!

to shop// Stranger Bird Vintage is full of rad finds at super cool prices. Jenny runs this awesome Etsy shop geared toward those of us with vintage style on the brain and boy does she hit the nail on the head. I love so many of the pieces she has in stock and guess what?! With the discount code GYPSYBEEE25 you can get 25% off of your purchase! Also check out this awesome spotlight on her over at Okay, Allison!

to watch// The lovely ladies behind Oh So Lovely Vintage and Rhymes with Orange recently collaborated with MTV Canada and put together an extra special video that coincides with an awesome new project! Check out the video here, I swoon over every minute! And learn more about their #MTVFULLCOLOR challenge here!  

also check out//
Summer's May Wishlist full of all kinds of cute goodies at Oh Summer Candy!

Link me up to some of your favorite blogs/blog posts! I'll give them a read!


  1. i can't quite get the hang of wanelo! i need schooling! some great links, thanks bebeeee x

  2. Thanks for the mention! Also, I am in love with Lush but have never used their lip scrub, thanks for the rec. Actually, I haven't used a lot of their newer products - they've really gone up in price since I started buying there when I lived in the UK 10+ years ago, so I'm not as keen on experimenting with cool-sounding products. So any other recommendations you have, hit me!


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