Thrifty Thursday // Boomerang Baby.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oh my goodness! I cannot for the life of me believe that it is already June! Obviously I'm happy because that means I'm so close to moving, I can almost taste it! Since most boxes are packed and stress is at an all time high I didn't make too big of a haul this past week. We did, however, take a day trip out to our new town and explore the local thrift scene. Always good to be prepared! I picked up a few really great items and I discovered that  there is an awesome thrift shop at the entrance of my new neighborhood, how lucky is that? I see a lot of daytime walks to the thrift store in my future! 
I've been searching for some fun atomic style plates and all the sets I picked up fit the bill perfectly! I've been in love with the Color Craft line so it was awesome to find some little star burst saucers and Java Key dinner plates for a steal. I also dug an amazing boomerang ashtray out of a box, what are the odds? It is so huge, I am not sure how many people they planned on smoking with that baby but the aqua color and gold speckles had me hooked. It will be an awesome decorative piece to display! All in all I think I did pretty well and I actually displayed some restraint, unlike last week's post!
(peekaboo, I see you new boomerang shaped double tier coffee table.)
How have your thrifting adventures been lately? What do you look for most when you are at a resale shop, flea market, or thrift store?


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