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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A big thanks to all of you who entered into our Sponsorship Giveaway! The winner was chosen randomly by my daughter who loves to draw names out of hats, so a big congratulations to Becca from the Lady Face Blog! We will be contacting you shortly about your prize! Don't worry if you entered but didn't win, I opened up a limited amount of free swaps in two sizes over on my sponsorship page so go apply and you just might have free advertizing on the blog as well! I hope to see some new faces around here!
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

What I Wore // Cool Summer Days

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oh boy, we've been having some beautiful weather here in the Midwest. It almost feels like the fall weather is starting to set in, the days are less humid and it's been breezy and absolutely lovely. I've been enjoying this weather by taking advantage of my back yard and playing with the kids outside as much as I can. I've stated before that my mom style is something I want to share more of on the blog because as much as I love frilly frocks, they just aren't practical for my everyday life.
This outfit is something that I would typically wear while wrangling the kids and spending my day outside. I love the print on this blouse, it reminds me of vintage fabric and the color combination is right up my alley.
I paired it with my favorite purple suede bag that I picked up at Target a few seasons ago because the color was spot on and it's a little bohemian. Fringe on a bag always makes me happy.
 I added a few pops of turquoise with my nail polish, bracelet, and flats to break up the navy and well, because I pretty much wear some variation of turquoise pretty much every day. All in all I love this outfit because it makes me feel a tad dressed up but still comfy enough to tackle all of my daily mommy duties. Perfect on every level.
Shoes // Target (no longer available)
Earrings // Betsey Johnson
Blouse // Mossimo (no longer available)
Bracelet // Forever 21 (find something similar here)
Leggings// C/O Okay, Allison!
Bag // Target (no longer available)
What is your favorite thing to throw on when you're going for a casual look?

Pin-spiration// Poppy Power.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Are you ready to be inspired? I've been all about pops of red, dip dye, and poppy flowers over the past week so this pin-spiration round up is full of bright reds and happy florals. I got such a lovely response from my last few paintings and a lot of you wanted to purchase prints of my work so I created my first print to be sold and it is now up in my handmade etsy shop! I will be producing a limited number of this piece for the time being and I've already made a sale and shipped it out. Hooray! I will be working on a variety of prints to go in my handmade store as well as some crochet pieces so keep your eye out for a shop update in the future. Until then enjoy this round up of loveliness inspired by my first piece!

Sponsorship Giveaway and a new way to sell ads!

Friday, July 26, 2013

It's been such a long time since I hosted a giveaway around here so I gathered some of my lovely sponsors and asked them to take part in creating an advertisement package for one lucky winner! We all know that sponsorships are big around the blogging world and they are a great way to boost your readership. The most discouraging thing to a new blogger is sponsorship rates that cost more than a name brand purse or pair of shoes, but now us bloggers are wondering about the costs of sponsorships as well. With the new PassionFruit Ads 2.0 update a lot of us bloggers are simply wondering, is the cost worth it? If you have a high traffic blog with people lining up to purchase ad space than the $9.00 a month charge to host ads on your blog is a no brainer, but some of us aren't that lucky.
In my quest to find a ad hosting company with little charges and an easy to navigate site I was recommended Adproval by the lovely Crissy over at Candypow, ahh all of my prayers were answered! After checking out their website and all of the features they had to offer I knew that there services were right for me and my readers! Their ad shop is customizable, easy to set up, and most importantly a breeze for my lovely readers to navigate and purchase the advertising that was right for them. Adproval handles all the leg work for me so that at the end of the month I'm not dreading keeping track of my sponsorships. Guess what else, you get paid instantly after each approved ad. You heard that right, no more waiting until Friday to get your funds!
With Adproval you don't have to stick to side bar ads, soon you can sell social shout outs, giveaways, and sponsored posts as well, perfect for the new spots I'm going to introduce in my ad shop! Best of all, there are no hidden fees or outrageous sums taken from your ad profit, just a flat 10% per ad and the rest is yours to invest in giveaways, blog sponsorships, and more! Have I died and gone to heaven?
Whether your checking out Adproval and all it has to offer or your willing to give away your left arm to PassionFruit Ads, my sponsors and I want you to transition with ease. Don't worry about spending your hard earned money on ads in August because we are giving you free sponsorships this month in honor of my big move to Adproval! Maybe that will help calm your little blogging nerves!
To enter all you need to do is leave your email and a comment telling us if you think that paying for sponsorship ads is worth it to your blog. Do you benefit better from blogs that offer free swaps? Do high dollar ad spots give you the bang for your buck? Do you like when a blogger is engaged with you throughout your sponsorship and keeps in touch? Do you like the no hassle, no email approach better?
We want to know what you think about blog advertisement! It will give us all a better idea of what our readers would like to see from us and help us make sponsorships more user friendly to everyone that's involved.
This giveaway will be live until Wednesday July 31st at Noon central time. One winner will be chosen at random to receive all of the sponsor ads listed above and the Queen Bee ad space on my blog for one month. I will contact the winner via email and they have 24 hours to claim their prize, otherwise another winner will be chosen at random. All entries will be monitored and only comments in regards to the above questions will be eligible.
I hope that you all enjoy this wonderful giveaway! Thank you to all of my lovely sponsors who participated!
Good luck everyone!

*note: this post was not paid for or sponsored by Adproval, I simply believe in their services and would like to get the word out to my readers.

Sponsorship Changes // August Ads!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sponsorships here at Gypsybeee are going to be changing! I will still be offering the same sidebar ads with no change to size but I've added a few extra things to make buying advertisement a little easier. I have now included sponsored posts and social media shout outs to my ad shop so that everyone can benefit from sponsoring Gypsybeee.
Are you a small blogger with very little social media followers? Would you like to grow your fan base on Facebook or get more mentions on Twitter? Well this spot is for you! This is an easy way to advertise your blog or small business without the price tag and hassle of ad spots.
I've also added a sponsor post package for those of you with small businesses or blogs! Do you want my readers to know about your blog, products, or services but don't want to hang out all month or invest in an ad that may never get a click? With this spot you'll be able to take over my blog for a day and let my readers know all about you and what your business/blog has to offer. I love reaching out to small blogs/business and sharing them with my readership. There are so many talented people with blogs, Etsy shops, and design businesses that my readers would love to know about, so if that's you grab up a spot!
I hope that these changes will help you all get exactly what you're looking for at a fair price so that we all can be happy and enjoy the blogging experience!
If you would like to purchase an ad space hop on over to my sponsor page to purchase your ad, view stats, and more! If you are interested in one of these new sponsorship spots send me an email at gypsybeee (at) gmail (dot) com!

And if you haven't already come find me on Bloglovin'!

True Life: I have too many hobbies.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yesterday I broke out some of my art supplies and started playing around with sketching and painting a little floral number for my daughter's room. I always forget how much I love to work with watercolors. After a crazy weekend it felt wonderful to relax and procrastinate a little. I've come to the conclusion that I have far to many creative hobbies and it's becoming more difficult to balance them all, or choose which project I would rather work on.
I've been crocheting up a few custom orders, trying to make a final decision for colors and products that will be featured in the handmade store, and trying to squeeze a few paintings and drawings in along the way. I'm not going to even discuss the several embroidery projects that are sitting around half done or the pile of fabric that is lying next to my sewing machine waiting to be loved. When will the madness end?
I have had a lot of interest in my paintings and have been asked quite alot if I will sell them in my Etsy shop or make custom orders, so what do you guys think?
Would you like to see prints of my work in my handmade store? What other subjects would you like to see me whip up?
If I can figure it out I may work on a series of paintings and turn them into prints and posters.
Let me know what you think!

ABM 30 Day Challenge // Week One.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Last week the lovely ladies over at A Beautiful Mess took to Instagram and challenged their followers and blog readers to a 30 day selfie challenge. Now, I know what you might be thinking, 30 days of looking at my own face on Instagram, how vain! I've seen this complaint a lot over the last week and I understand the reservations but I decided to take part and hopefully gain knowledge from the experience, I'm a glass half full kinda gal. I know that my photography skills can always be improved and my kids don't always like to be photographed so what better way than to practice on myself?
I've really enjoyed the challenge so far, it's been really stretching my brain and each day I find myself brainstorming ideas for my next picture. I've been trying to make my selfies as diverse and interesting as possible playing with different angles, lighting, and filters. The point of this challenge isn't to take a mirror shot of yourself every day for a month, it's to experiment and try something new. Of course I did get one in for good measure.
In the process I've used my actual camera a few times and it's made me a lot more confident with using a tripod, timer, and camera settings. I mostly photograph with my iPhone for blog posts and even my shop because it's always by my side and I'm confident using it in everyday life. I'm trying to stray away from my phone photography and focus more on taking better photos with the camera I have and this challenge has really helped me with that.
I hope that I can keep up with the challenge over the coming weeks and create something new and exciting each day so that my face doesn't get annoying on your Instagram feed and it will keep my feed looking natural and not like a shrine to my self. I'm not that obsessed with the way I look!
It's been great to be in front of the camera for a change, proof that I'm alive. I'm usually the one snapping away and documenting our lives so I'm never in photos anymore. I realized recently that there are albums on my computer full of holiday events and get togethers and I'm no where to be seen! Hopefully this challenge will change that for the better!
Are you taking part in the challenge? Let me know what you think of it so far!

Thrifty Thursday// Pyrex and Turquoise.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Thrifty Thursday! It's been too long since I posted some of my lovely thrifted treasures with you all so I decided today was the day! I've been mostly thrifting for Pyrex, but in the last week or so I've found some great vintage housewares to add to my collection.
1.// While at the flea market I picked up these amazing diamond and star burst print bowls for a steal, they were a dollar a piece so I grabbed a few. I also stumbled upon this awesome atomic print planter, it was .50 cents and it looks so cute in my kitchen window! 2.// This Verde set is missing the 401, if you have one and want to get rid of it let me know! I found the set while at the thrift store across the street from my house for $10.00! What?!  3.// I've had my 343 Arches for some time now, so I was absolutely thrilled when my mom pulled the 344 out of my step-father's dad's house. It's perfectly minty and they display beautifully together! 4.// This turquoise enamel Club pot looks absolutely wonderful in my kitchen and was also a find from my mom, free stuff is the best stuff!

What have you been thrifting for lately? Do you have a goal when you thrift or do you pick up whatever catches your eye?


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

 Happy Tuesday lovely readers! I haven't done a Treasury Tuesday post in awhile so I whipped on up on Etsy to share with all of you. My treasury is mainly just a bunch of stuff I want in my house,  but it ended up with it's own theme so I'm going to run with it. It's no secret that turquoise and orange atomic pieces make my heart pitter patter and these pieces, new and old, are a great way to show that off in my home. I'm especially head over heals for the bullet planter, light bulb salt and pepper shakers, and that huge art piece! To check out all these pieces and shops head on over to my very Atomic Treasury and have a look!

Insta-lately // Adventureland.

Friday, July 12, 2013

This week was really spectacular! We had a bunch of adventures with the kids, I finally feel like things are getting back to normal, and my husband had a short work week so we got to spend more time as a family. 
Earlier this week we took the kids to a county park that we live near and we had a blast picking wild flowers, eating a picnic lunch, and playing on a tire swing. The kids had such a wonderful time and it was great to find a new place to explore. We will definitely be taking a lot more trips there, the kids never wanted to leave and I don't blame them!
 We also finally starting to unpack the final boxes and we started hanging things on the walls! I could not be more excited about that! I've been so eager to cover up these bare walls, I even whipped up my own wall art. I made a few little pieces to hang in our entry way, I'll have to show them off soon. I had forgotten how much I love to doodle. 
While I was in my artsy mood Marli and I decided to make a little house for her to play in. After a few hours and some challenging moments we created Marli's very own dream house. I'm going to be blogging all about it soon so keep an eye out! 
I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your weekend!

TILT // Paradise Edition!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today's TILT post is like a mini destination vacation. I've been itching to go to the beach and take a little vacation from how hectic life is right now, but it's not really an option so packing my virtual suitcase for a make-believe vacation will have to due.. These pink and turquoise pieces are perfect for a late night beach stroll or dinner and cocktails with your honey bunny. Small bags and comfortable shoes are a must when you're on a vacation, you don't want to be uncomfortable hauling around all your junk with sore feet, you're supposed to be relaxing! Floral frocks, parrot studs, and huge sunglasses pull it all together for a very sixties tourist vibe, I can dig it.

Need a more little "vacation" time?
Drink // This Paloma cocktail sounds exactly like paradise to me. Whip up a batch and share them with your friends!

Make // This sunset themed manicure will have you feeling very tropical no matter where you are, check out the easy tutorial here!

Listen // The sweet sounds of Lana Del Rey will calm your nerves. Download Born To Die // Paradise Edition on ITunes and ride into the sunset.

Watch // The King himself soaking up the Hawaiian sun in Blue Hawaii and just picture yourself getting surf lessons from gorgeous 1961 Elvis Presley. Major Swoon Alert.

also check out:
// Bre from Peacoats and Plaid featured me on #womancrushwednesday check out who else was featured over on her blog!
 //This cute little drink umbrella DIY project from OH HAPPY DAY is simple and fun, stick one of these in your cocktail and you're ready to party!

What are some of you're favorite things this week?

Kitsch Krazy // Table Talk

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today's Kitsch Krazy is all about statement tables and my choices don't disappoint. Mid century furniture has such wonderful lines, fun shapes, and beautiful finishes that really make my heart swoon. Hair pin and tapered legs give such a modern and minimalist feel but can go great with all sorts of styles and tastes.
I always say, the crazier the better, so I love the more extreme shapes like the boomerang and kidney bean styles. The nesting tables shown below would be fabulous in just about every living room I've ever seen, so you don't have to live in a time capsule to incorporate great mid century pieces into your home. Here are some of my favorite mcm style tables available on Etsy!

One. // Two. // Three. // Four. // Five. // Six. 
Which style is your favorite?

Casual Sundae.

Earrings // Topshop
Blouse // Target
Loafers // Target

This weekend we had a little family barbeque so naturally I had to sport my favorite earrings, ice cream cones! I'm very much in the summer spirit so these earrings and fun floral loafers were perfect picks. I love fun accessories to jazz up a simple outfit like jeans and a blouse, I like to keep it casual and fun especially when I'm in mommy mode. Marli especially loved these earrings and even helped photograph them for the blog (that last one is hers)!

What are some of your favorite quirky and fun accessories?

also don't forget:
 // There are sponsorship spots still available for this month, grab um up while they're open!
// Gypsybeee Vintage will have it's grand re-opening tomorrow, look out for a promo code via twitter!
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