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Friday, July 12, 2013

This week was really spectacular! We had a bunch of adventures with the kids, I finally feel like things are getting back to normal, and my husband had a short work week so we got to spend more time as a family. 
Earlier this week we took the kids to a county park that we live near and we had a blast picking wild flowers, eating a picnic lunch, and playing on a tire swing. The kids had such a wonderful time and it was great to find a new place to explore. We will definitely be taking a lot more trips there, the kids never wanted to leave and I don't blame them!
 We also finally starting to unpack the final boxes and we started hanging things on the walls! I could not be more excited about that! I've been so eager to cover up these bare walls, I even whipped up my own wall art. I made a few little pieces to hang in our entry way, I'll have to show them off soon. I had forgotten how much I love to doodle. 
While I was in my artsy mood Marli and I decided to make a little house for her to play in. After a few hours and some challenging moments we created Marli's very own dream house. I'm going to be blogging all about it soon so keep an eye out! 
I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your weekend!

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  1. Your instagram photos always look so professional and colour co-ordinated!


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