Settling in.

Friday, July 5, 2013

  Today I thought I would share some of the progress we've made on our house in the last couple of weeks.
 It's starting to feel a lot more like home, but we still have a lot of small details to accomplish that will make it more complete. I cant with to start changing light fixtures, hanging pictures, laying down rugs, and putting little finishing touches on everything. It's really coming along beautifully and it's feeling much more "us" everyday.
 Our master bedroom is still lacking in wall art but it's pulling together well. I am so happy that I finally can appreciate those lovely mid century curtains and my beautiful new mid century bedroom set!
 I got much of my Pyrex and vintage kitchenware unpacked, rewashed, and up for display. They look much happier now that there is plenty of space for all my pieces. I still have room to grow, always a good thing.
My favorite thing about the kitchen is that awesome view, it actually encourages me to do the dishes.
The living room is looking pretty glorious, but still in need of a huge comfy furry area rug! We are still doing some painting down the hallway too but I love all of the colors together. We also bought the coolest IKEA light fixtures to replace all of the yuck brass ones everywhere.
After we get a little more accomplished I'll show you guys around again!
What is your favorite room in your own house?


  1. omigosh autumn, i don't know how many times i can gush about how gorgeous your whole house is. i need you in my life. i need your skills.

  2. looking good so far. love the wall color and curtains in the bedroom - they complement one another so perfectly. would love for you to link up your house/rooms in my link up below where we showcase design in bloggers' homes :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- design in your home link up

  3. Wow, it looks amazing. We've been in our house for 2 months already, but there's still so much that doesn't have a place yet :)

  4. It's so bright and happy like your blog! Super Cute!

  5. Gorgeous! I love all the color combinations and bright pattern details.

    Ladyface Blog

  6. You have the CUTEST house in all the land! xo

  7. You have beautiful furniture and style! ♥ Your home is very spacious and airy too. Lovely.

  8. I love that aqua and yellow color scheme! That embroidered pillow is fabulous, too. You've got great style and it shows in your lovely home :D

  9. Can you please come to Australia and decorate or me? I can't believe how beautiful your home is! I love everything in it, but especialy love your bright, airy colour scheme! I wish I was allowed to paint here, because that turquoise colour would be IT! xx

  10. I love how completely you this home is! The colours, the decoration, it just all gorgeous. Glad moving in has gone well and that you guys are looking so settled xo

  11. Loving everything about this. How exciting for you :]

  12. Your room is just so bright and cheery-- along with the rest of your home. I love it! I need to get over my fear of color! Our house is so neutral and boring compared to yours!

    Chelsea from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles

  13. I love your interior design style! Your decor always looks so retro and bright and airy


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