Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sponsorship Changes // August Ads!

Sponsorships here at Gypsybeee are going to be changing! I will still be offering the same sidebar ads with no change to size but I've added a few extra things to make buying advertisement a little easier. I have now included sponsored posts and social media shout outs to my ad shop so that everyone can benefit from sponsoring Gypsybeee.
Are you a small blogger with very little social media followers? Would you like to grow your fan base on Facebook or get more mentions on Twitter? Well this spot is for you! This is an easy way to advertise your blog or small business without the price tag and hassle of ad spots.
I've also added a sponsor post package for those of you with small businesses or blogs! Do you want my readers to know about your blog, products, or services but don't want to hang out all month or invest in an ad that may never get a click? With this spot you'll be able to take over my blog for a day and let my readers know all about you and what your business/blog has to offer. I love reaching out to small blogs/business and sharing them with my readership. There are so many talented people with blogs, Etsy shops, and design businesses that my readers would love to know about, so if that's you grab up a spot!
I hope that these changes will help you all get exactly what you're looking for at a fair price so that we all can be happy and enjoy the blogging experience!
If you would like to purchase an ad space hop on over to my sponsor page to purchase your ad, view stats, and more! If you are interested in one of these new sponsorship spots send me an email at gypsybeee (at) gmail (dot) com!

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