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It's been such a long time since I hosted a giveaway around here so I gathered some of my lovely sponsors and asked them to take part in creating an advertisement package for one lucky winner! We all know that sponsorships are big around the blogging world and they are a great way to boost your readership. The most discouraging thing to a new blogger is sponsorship rates that cost more than a name brand purse or pair of shoes, but now us bloggers are wondering about the costs of sponsorships as well. With the new PassionFruit Ads 2.0 update a lot of us bloggers are simply wondering, is the cost worth it? If you have a high traffic blog with people lining up to purchase ad space than the $9.00 a month charge to host ads on your blog is a no brainer, but some of us aren't that lucky.
In my quest to find a ad hosting company with little charges and an easy to navigate site I was recommended Adproval by the lovely Crissy over at Candypow, ahh all of my prayers were answered! After checking out their website and all of the features they had to offer I knew that there services were right for me and my readers! Their ad shop is customizable, easy to set up, and most importantly a breeze for my lovely readers to navigate and purchase the advertising that was right for them. Adproval handles all the leg work for me so that at the end of the month I'm not dreading keeping track of my sponsorships. Guess what else, you get paid instantly after each approved ad. You heard that right, no more waiting until Friday to get your funds!
With Adproval you don't have to stick to side bar ads, soon you can sell social shout outs, giveaways, and sponsored posts as well, perfect for the new spots I'm going to introduce in my ad shop! Best of all, there are no hidden fees or outrageous sums taken from your ad profit, just a flat 10% per ad and the rest is yours to invest in giveaways, blog sponsorships, and more! Have I died and gone to heaven?
Whether your checking out Adproval and all it has to offer or your willing to give away your left arm to PassionFruit Ads, my sponsors and I want you to transition with ease. Don't worry about spending your hard earned money on ads in August because we are giving you free sponsorships this month in honor of my big move to Adproval! Maybe that will help calm your little blogging nerves!
To enter all you need to do is leave your email and a comment telling us if you think that paying for sponsorship ads is worth it to your blog. Do you benefit better from blogs that offer free swaps? Do high dollar ad spots give you the bang for your buck? Do you like when a blogger is engaged with you throughout your sponsorship and keeps in touch? Do you like the no hassle, no email approach better?
We want to know what you think about blog advertisement! It will give us all a better idea of what our readers would like to see from us and help us make sponsorships more user friendly to everyone that's involved.
This giveaway will be live until Wednesday July 31st at Noon central time. One winner will be chosen at random to receive all of the sponsor ads listed above and the Queen Bee ad space on my blog for one month. I will contact the winner via email and they have 24 hours to claim their prize, otherwise another winner will be chosen at random. All entries will be monitored and only comments in regards to the above questions will be eligible.
I hope that you all enjoy this wonderful giveaway! Thank you to all of my lovely sponsors who participated!
Good luck everyone!

*note: this post was not paid for or sponsored by Adproval, I simply believe in their services and would like to get the word out to my readers.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I set up my blog with Passionfruit Ads mere days before they changed their system, so I'll have to check out Adproval and see if they might be a better choice for me while I'm getting my sponsorship program off the ground!

    Ladyface Blog

    1. You're so welcome! Adproval is great and super inexpensive for bloggers who are just starting a sponsorship program. I hope that you check them out and if you do come back and let me know what you think!

  2. I commented but it disappeared right away so I'm not sure if it went through! Anyway, I said that sponsorships have definitely been valuable to my blog! I would have never known except I won two giveaways that offered a lot of sponsorship lots and there was a major payoff to my blog! I just made the switch to adproval tonight after talking about it since October. I am super stoked to work with such a great company!

    wheremysoulbelongs at gmail.

    Also, if this is duplicative, feel free to delete it. Better safe than sorry :).

    1. That's great to hear! I'm glad that sponsorships have grown your readership and I'm super stoked about your switch to Adproval, they really are a great alternative, I hope that more people will make the switch!

  3. Hey hun,
    I think that paying for blog ads isn't too bad, as I have a smaller blog I really want to get my blog out there more so I try to shop around, look for blogs that have a topic close to mine and either wait for sales or bite the bullet and buy their biggest sponsorship.
    I offer blog swaps on my page and find that most of the times that is where most of the sponsors I place on my blog come from.
    I think that it depends on the blog, I do find that paying more often means that I will receive more traffic to my blog.
    I do like a email here or there especially if I have paid for social media shout outs just so I am aware. If the tweet about my blog I want to know they did so I can retweet. I tend to email my sponsors and check with them if they would like anything special, I go above and beyond for my sponsors if they are paying for it they deserve it!
    Have a great week
    Love Gi
    trialsofgi at hotmail dot com

  4. I only offer sponsorship's for free on my blog - all my sponsors have to do is offer up a prize for the monthly giveaway.

    I have found sponsoring some blogs is good value but others, not so much.


  5. I haven't earned any money from ads and I'm not sure if I want to switch to adproval or give it up in general.
    Dara dara00@gmail.com

  6. Thank you so much for this post and introducing me to Adproval! I'm excited that there is an alternative option.

    At this point, I benefit more from blogs that offer swaps because my blog is small and still growing. In the future, I plan to pay to sponsor blogs and the blog hosts that have offered swaps have been super helpful and engaging in communication with me so far.


  7. What a great giveaway you guys are doing!

    As far as my take on ads and what works for me...I took a big break from my blog (and Etsy shop) and haven't had quite the volume of stats yet since I've come back. So that has a big effect on it; some of the people I did ad swaps with in the past changed their policies or have kind of disappeared! My blog is still quite small, and I currently don't charge for ads--I just do swaps, since I'm more interested in profiting from my Etsy shop. As far as paying for ad space on others' blogs, I don't quite bring in enough profit from my Etsy to spare much for ads, but I sometimes budget for one or two paid spaces. So, ad giveaways are right up my alley!

    If my Etsy shop and blog readership grows to that point, though, I'm very interested in checking out Adproval!



  8. I have thought about getting sponsors on my blog before but I haven't been blogging very regularly this year so I wouldn't feel right doing paid sponsorship. I might try the swapping though, I've seen a few blogs doing it. Thanks for mentioning Adproval though, if I ever try out the paid sponsorship, I'll remember them!

    I've bought ad space for my shop only once before, it was cheap but I didn't really make sales through it.

  9. I definitely think buying ad space is worth it for my shop, but the higher-priced ads I've occasionally gone for aren't always high-traffic-getters. I've found it works better to buy ad space I can consistently afford and really get to know the blogs I'm working with to develop a relationship where it feels reciprocal and we are supporting each other. I'm glad you've found something that works for you! I've really enjoyed advertising with you so far and will definitely stick around :D

  10. I found your blog via the Adproval tweet, I am switching to Adproval this weekend. Matthew at Adproval has been so helpful in helping me make the switch. I would absolutely recommend them as a great Passionfruit alternative.

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by! He has been such a great help, you can't beat a company with wonderful customer service!

  11. I'm so glad ou posted this, I've been debating about whether PassionFruit was still going to be worth it, but didn't know of any other options!


  12. thanks for hosting the giveaway! my email is: mackenzie.hall.writing@gmail.com
    I totally get that ad prices are difficult to meet for a beginning blogger! my solution is that I sell tshirt designs and make about three to four dollars per tshirt. I then put all of that money into my paypal and have that be my "allowance" for whatever ads I want to buy. Depending on how good my sales are, sometimes I can splurge on a twenty or thirty dollar ad when other times I might buy a small one on a beginning site. it all depends! I know not everyone has that sort of system though...good luck finding a good provider!

  13. I am very very new to blogging (two months) and so far not really got into advertising/sponsorship. However, I was did a guest post for someone with a long established very successful blog and got a month of a free ad spot on her blog with shout outs etc. This was fantastic for my blog and so many people found me through this. I also find that linkys have been brilliant ways of sharing the bloggy love. This competition is awesome and a wonderful opportunity. Personally, I like the idea that you keep in touch with your sponsor relationships - the personal touch works for me.


  14. I have been researching adproval, I am just nervous they will do the same thing once we all switch over!!

  15. OOhhh am I too late? if not, please could you enter me?
    I have found it quite beneficial to have a few adverts out in blog-land that are similar to my blog - I've only ever used Passionfruit, and I don't sell ads, but it is something i would look into in the future!

  16. After reading this, I'm switching to Adproval. I was worrying so much about what to do with Passionfruit, I earn ad money sporadically and I'd be worrying there would be some months I don't even earn the $9. Thanks for this write up Autumn, very helpful!


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