Be apart of the buzz in September!

The Summer is coming to the end and a new month is on the horizon, that means it's time to grab up sponsorship spots before it's ...

The Summer is coming to the end and a new month is on the horizon, that means it's time to grab up sponsorship spots before it's too late! I have a bunch of wonderful bloggy things planned for the next month and my posts are going to start picking up the pace so you don't want to miss all of the wonderful sponsorship opportunities in store. 
I ended the summer with a big switch from Passionfruit to Adproval and my experience has been more than wonderful. Many blogs who are sticking with Passionfruit have upped the cost of their sponsorship rates due to the hefty $90.00 a year price tag that now comes with providing ads through Passionfruit, but not me! Due to my switch I will actually be lowering rates for ad spaces so that you guys really get the bang for your buck! Hurry over to my sponsorship page to check out my statistics and other information, grab up your spot and hang with me and my other lovely sponsors for the month! If you see a spot that you want but it's currently filled, no worries, come September first old ads will expire and you'll be next in line!
I hope to see some new faces around the hive in the coming months!

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  1. Could that picture be any cuter? FYI you know you're on my sidebar POR VIDA. xxxooo

  2. where did you see PF costing $90 a yr?? it was $50 which makes it $4/mo which makes it less than what you will pay adproval... hmmm.

    1. It's only discounted to $50.00 until the beginning of September, then it is going up to $90.00 a year. Adproval is free and takes only a small percentage like passion fruit used to so I will be paying way less than passion fruit either way. It depends on how many ads I sell and sometimes that fluctuates. I may not make what it costs a month to pay for passion fruit so it's not worth it to me and my blog, and I definitely don't want to raise my sponsor rates to cover the cost because I don't think it's fair to my readers! For surly small blogs or those who offer just swaps it doesn't make sense I pay more than what you're making back to host ads. That's why I decided to make the switch.

  3. Actually to get technical, it costs $9.00 per month, which would be $108.00 a year, and with Adproval there is no way my blog would pay more in fees than that. Maybe if you have a big blog and charge $20 an ad it would work out for you but that's not the case here!


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