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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I've been keeping life really simple since the start of homeschooling. I haven't been creating and painting as much, I've been away from the blog world quite a lot, and I've stayed away from social media much more than usual. I don't know if it's just me but I feel like the blogging world is at a stand still. Kaelah sort of stole the words right out of my mouth and wrote this post about the evolution of blogging and how things have really changed since the death of Google Reader. I've been getting less page views, less interaction, but I've also felt less stress which is great. I don't feel like I have to be here everyday shooting content out of my wazoo. It gives me more creative liberty and time to make content that is relevant and purposeful. I've been much more personal lately and I've been able to talk about whatever I feel, instead of what others are expecting me to write about. Yes, this is a vintage and handmade blog and I like to stay true to that, but there is also a person behind this screen and I think that needs to show through a little more. Things may change around here, I may be less frequent with posts but I assure you that when I sit down and write it will be something with substance. There will be more projects, patterns, recipes, and of course vintage and a lot less filler. I think that blogging everyday sort of sucks the life out of a blogger. It gives you less of an opportunity to be creative and to really spend time and effort creating. I don't know if posting less will make you guys more disinterested but at this point I'm just here to blog about what I love and if that love is shared with 7 people or 7,000 people it won't effect me in the least. I started this blog to have a voice and to gush over my passions and I've felt that it's become a lot less passionate. So to my loyal readers, the ones who have been here since day one, thank you for sticking with me through my many blogging ups and downs and always being encouraging. To my new readers, I hope that you will stick around and see all this blog has to offer, even if the posts become few and far between.
Now I leave you with a few little snap shots from my life lately, maybe you can see why it's so easy to stay away!


  1. These photos are gorgeous, especially the one's of your kids and the hosepipe, I'm not surprised you stay away! :) I agree that there's no need to post everyday, especially if that gives you more time to experiment with projects xx

  2. Your children are absolutely beautiful! I have also quit posting every day. I even took a month off a while back just because of all the changes and I needed to reevaluate everything. I think it's healthy.

  3. Looks like life has been lovely (and delicious!) lately! It's been really interesting reading about people noticing the changes since the death of GR. I actually started blogging around the same time so I've had a very different experience!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. So sincere, so genuine :) I was surprised by this post and it made me happy. I will have to check out that post you talked about. I can personally say that this makes me want to stick around even more ;) I like the "connections" to other people through blogging and have fallen out of interest with the blogs that were once so personable and now are mostly sponsor driven content (not hating on it, just uninterested as I am always broke ha ha!)
    Those lovely children are so filled with light :) See you around!

  5. Autumn, I am so glad you are adopting this new approach to blogging! It's one I have given into lately as well, taking breaks every now and then from posting, and letting my posts and my inspiration come organically instead of forcibly. I found that all my loyal readers, the bloggy friends who I know and love, have stuck with me through this, and supported me even in my absence and I hope that you find the same. I look forward to seeing a little more personal stuff on the blog and connecting with you more over the coming months. xx

  6. Love the photo of your little one in her woolly hat :) I also particularly like the phrase ' shooting content out of my wazoo'! Well said. :)

  7. You said it beautifully! writing for the individual not the masses.

  8. i love your photos :) and i relate a lot to what you said. i feel the same...



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