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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On Thursday last week my little Marli left the nest and took her first vacation with out mommy and daddy! My mother took her down to Florida to visit my brother and sister in law and get in some beach time. The past few days have felt seriously so long without her, I can't believe how calm and quite the house was with only one kiddo around!
They had such a great time on their trip. Marli played in the ocean, built a sandcastle, and even rescued a little baby sea turtle. Boy do I wish I could have fit in her suitcase and went along with her! My sister in law took some really great photographs during the trip so even though I wasn't physically there I got daily updates and we have all of these memories to keep forever. I'm so glad that she's finally home and had such a good experience!
I thought I would share these today because, well, they are so dang cute!
Also, if you haven't noticed I sort of re-designed the blog yet again! I loved the painted florals from my last design but I felt like they just didn't fit this space and what my blog is all about. I never felt at home. Now I love the design and it feels way more me! I still have a few things to implement so if you look at my pages or older posts things might look a little crazy and mismatched but I'm working on it. Hope you guys like it! have a fantastic day!


  1. I love the new blog design! I love the background and that font is adorable <3 Marli looks so happy in these photos. It must have been so weird not having her at home xo

  2. I'm glad Marli had such a great time! I'm loving the new blog design!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I like the new blog look!
    And OH MY GOODNESS, how did you manage?! I'd have been so sad and just missed her so stinkin' much!!
    It looks like she had some major fun though!

  4. I know what you mean with switching up designs and then not feeling right about it, I love this one as well! And little Marli is too cute for words as usual :)

  5. Marli is killin' it! So stinking cute!! The blog look is fantastic! You made the totally correct choice cause it looks AWESOME! :)

    Xo Kylie @ Absolutely Arkansas

  6. I love the new look of the blog! it's like chic Jetsons! lol

  7. so precious! your blog is wonderful.


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