Weekend Project // Mid Century Inspired Wall Art.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lately I've been seriously struggling to find some interesting pieces to adorn my bedroom walls. I would like to keep everything as authentic mid century as I can but sometimes finding exactly what you want can be so hard! I've been dreaming about picking up some lovely teak wood painted wall hangings with a similar pattern to the paintings above but finding them in the wild is impossible and sometimes the prices on Etsy and Ebay can be a little intimidating. We just bought our first home so decorating on a budget is rule number one, and I plan on sticking to that the best that I can. 
I started brainstorming ways to make replicas of these cute little genie bottles ( that's what they remind me of at least) for a dirt cheap price. Awhile ago the ladies at Oh So Lovely Vintage did a tutorial on how to make retro wood wall art and it featured a similar vase/bottle theme but I knew that I wanted something that required a little less work, I don't want to whip out stain, too much fuss!
After abandoning the idea I was wandering the craft isle in Walmart because that's the only store within 30 minutes of my home and I stumbled upon a three pack of canvas panels for about $9.00 so I grabbed them up along with some acrylic paint and headed on my way. When I got home the idea dawned on my to use the canvas panels to make some fun MCM inspired art! I simply drew up some rough drafts so I knew how I wanted my little vases arranged and then I took to the canvas.
I lightly sketched my designs on the panels and then started painting away. I did about three coats of acrylic paint on each, making sure that I had an even layer of paint and that no canvas was showing through. It took me about an hour per canvas, partially because I'm a perfectionist and partially because my son busted in the room and colored on both panels with a pencil and then I had to do some major touch ups. Oh toddlers, what can you do!?
I still want to build frames for both pieces and hang them properly but until then they look great perched on top my my husband's gentleman's chest. I think it's probably the best $12.00 I've ever spent!
So word to the wise, don't waste money on wall art if you don't have to! There are so many great pins and tutorials through out the magical land that is the interweb and they will save you a ton of money, not to mention you get the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. Take some time to create and then sit back and enjoy the beauty!


  1. this is adorable.

    i don't think i could paint something like this even if i tried. haha.

  2. you're truly remarkable. i need you to decorate my house, please.

  3. These are gorgeous, i love the colour combination especially the metallic paint. They look great! xx

  4. I love these. The colours are spot on! Great job.

  5. Absolutely perfect. I love the colours as well!

  6. These are beautiful. ♥ I love how you're so creative which decorating.

  7. Loving your paintings! You are so creative and talented! :)

  8. Hello! New follower from the Collective hop. I am on a total mid-century kick right now, these are great! I love the brightness and the little vignette from the first photo! I look forward to reading more from you and browsing the archives :)

  9. I agree! You don’t really need to spend much on decorations. If you only take time in searching the web, you could really find many great DIY ideas. There are many wonderful ideas on the web that is easy to make and definitely inexpensive.

  10. Love this Hun! I'm trying to do my own little Mid Century wooden Wall art right now and was looking around for some stencils when I came across this! Loves it! New follower here! Come visit my bloggy when you get a chance.
    Taylor Hart


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