Off to see the Wizard.

Friday, November 1, 2013

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween! My littles had a fantastic time handing out candy and going out to trick or treat! Marli wanted to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz this year so we decided a family theme was in order. Hunter dressed up as the cowardly lion and he wasn't the happiest camper at first but he eventually warmed up to it and looked really sweet. I decided to go with the wicked witch of the west and I wore a fun little witch hat, my husband was a flying monkey, and grandma and grandpa were the scarecrow and tin man. It was pretty hilarious and Marli was absolutely thrilled about the whole thing.
She had a lot of fun trick or treating in our new neighborhood. There were so many kids out despite the rain and how chilly it was. Both of the kids just loved seeing everyone in their costumes. Hunter had no idea what was going on and kept pointing at everyone around us. We only took them out for a little but we ended up with a good bit of candy and two happy kids. They both hit sugar coma by about nine o'clock and they were done for the night.I wish I would have gotten better pictures but it was so gloomy out and Hunter wasn't in the mood for paparazzi.
We also carved our pumpkins a few days ago and lit them up for Halloween. Yet another theme! I've been wanted to do an Ariel pumpkin for forever so we went with an under the sea vibe. My husband and I like to get super competitive when it comes to silly stuff like this so we both spent forever designing our pumpkins and making patterns. My husband did a pretty amazing job with Sebastian and I think my Ariel turned out pretty cute. Marli's pumpkin is the little fish with the bubbles, and Jared and I split the last two and did a starfish and seashell with seaweed and bubbles. This was basically a full day worth of effort, which is ridiculous but we had some really awesome family time and I ended up making pumpkin bread when it was all said and done. Success!


  1. Their costumes look like they were adorable! I love the Wizard of OZ!

  2. Okay, I'm totally in love with your Halloween, the costumes the pumpkins, all of it. I really want to do the WofO theme one year. I love Ray Bolger so my husband will be the scarecrow and although I love me some Glenda, I'll be Dorothy.


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