WW // Fab Four.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly Wallpaper is back! Today I have four different free downloadable phone wallpapers up for grabs! I tried to mix up colors and patterns so that there was a ton of variety this week! I've already dressed up my phone with my favorite patterns, I'll be sharing that on Instagram later today! If you use one of these backgrounds let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for next week I'm all ears!
You can also find the techni-dots pattern on my Society6 account now! You can order a case to match your background! If you follow this link you will receive free world wide shipping and $10.00 off of a duvet cover purchase. Have a wonderful day!

On My Table // A progress post.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

 I just wanted to stop by today and show off some progress shots of a commission I've been working on lately! This client wanted something fresh and new for her blog branding and I was happy to help! The theme we discussed was centered around wildflowers and lavender, fitting perfectly with a health/wellness blog. She wanted to keep it really bright with pops of purple, a combination that I just love. I think it's coming along nicely. I'll share the finished product after it's up!

Etsy Love // JuJuJust.

Monday, July 28, 2014

As a lover of all things made from yarn it's natural for me to spend way to much time scouring Pinterest and Etsy for beautiful works of fiber art. I had repeatedly stumbled upon Judit's lovely pieces and decided I just had to find her Etsy shop. JuJuJust is full of eye candy! Besides making lovely wall hangings bursting with fringe and color she also makes beautiful and fun accessories you can wear everyday! I am a huge fan of her color combinations and her aesthetic. There are so many fabulous pieces to browse through,a little something for everyone. Here are a few of my favorite pieces in her shop, if you like what you see click on over and check it out for yourself!

Which piece is your favorite?

A small chat about new beginnings and other little ramblings.

Friday, July 25, 2014

It's been a busy week or so around the hive, which is why I didn't have a WW post for you last week. We headed out to Ohio for an extended weekend trip with family and I'm still trying to get myself back on track! I did want to stop by to say that next week I'll have a weekly wallpaper post featuring four designs for you to download so stay tuned! I've gotten a lot of feedback on them and I'm really happy you've been enjoying my little freebies.
I also wanted to share a few other things with you guys! My Society6 account now has duvet covers and I'm really excited to add some new designs to the mix. I will announce when new things are up as they come, but I've really been trying to take my time and enjoy the designing process for every item going into the shop and on Society6.
Lately I've been doing a lot more free form and abstract work and I've been trying to open myself up creatively to different techniques and styles. I love that as an artist I can really learn and develop with every piece. I've been working a lot more on letting go and not being so critical of myself  personally and with my art and I think all of that personal growth has really come through in what I've been doing lately. It's been more about feeling and I think that's something I've been lacking in the past. I've been getting a lot of wonderful comments about some of my newer pieces on social media which has just shown me that change can be for the better.So a huge thank you to all of you who are constantly rooting for me and watching these changes happen. All the positive vibes have been overwhelming.
I will be back on Sunday with some more posts for you all to enjoy! Have a lovely weekend!

WW// Tropical Sunset.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hi guys, today I'm back with another weekly wallpaper! This week I wanted to do something a little more simple and versatile so I pulled out my two favorite shades of Dr. Ph Martin's water colors and went to town! I really like the way these two colors blend together, it reminds me of a beautiful tropical sunset! what could be more perfect for summer? I really hope you like this week's wallpaper and if you have any suggestions for the coming weeks, I'm all ears!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July to all of you! Today I'm going to start a new weekly feature on the blog and I hope you're excited! Each week I'll be whipping up a free downloadable wallpaper for you guys to use on your iPhones! I'll try to mix it up and give you a bunch of different patterns and styles to choose from. I'd love to hear any suggestions from you! Summer is officially here so this week's background is bright and fruity! I really love the way this background looks on my white and gold iPhone5! Let me know what you think!

NOTEWORTHY // Maryanne Moodie.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

 Recently I added weaving to the list of things that I'm obsessed with. While searching through pinterest to get a better grasp of weaving techniques I stumbled upon the lovely works of Maryanne Moodie and I knew I needed to share her art with my readers. The way she plays with color and texture create beautiful additions to any home and really make a statement. Weaving is a lot harder than it looks, so I think the amount of detail and layers she adds to her work are down right impressive!
Recently Maryanne taught a weaving workshop with the ladies from DESIGNLOVEFEST, a big favorite of mine. I would have loved to have been there, maybe I would have absorbed some of their creative juices! I love that Maryanne uses a lot of natural fibers created by small and local businesses. I am a huge yarn snob and a fan of hand spun, hand dyed, organic fiber and the look it creates so naturally her choices of fiber and color really connect with me. I could look at her instagram account for hours, there are so many pretty pieces to admire! Hop on over to her account to explore all of her designs and to show her a little insta-love!
all photos credited to @maryannemoodie via instagram, click on pictures to take you to the original post.

Have you been loving the weaving trend sweeping across the instagram and blogging community? What are some of your favorite Maryanne Moodie designs?

A Creative Blog Hop!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recently I was asked to partake in a little creative blog hop by the lovely and talented Kim from WhatPeggySaid! I love seeing other crafty chicks in action and it's fun to take a peek at their creative process! I'm so honored to be in the mix with such awesome bloggers like Kim and Chiaki ! Make sure you take a little look at what they have been working on!
Now I get to play along and let you in on what I've been up to! Here we go! 
1. What am I working on? 
Right now I'm in the process of a big shop update so I've been working on a ton of new prints, stationary, and other handmade goods. I've also been working on a few crochet projects and woven wall hangings! I've been having fun jumping between painting and fiber art, it keeps me from becoming uninspired and I've found myself getting a lot more work done. Yarn always cures my creative block!
2. How does my work differ from others of it's genre? 
I feel like my work has a pop effect. I  love bright colors and bold patterns, especially florals! I pull a lot of inspiration from mid century designs and colors and I love creating things with a twist of kitsch. I work with a variety of mediums and I like to see color schemes or designs I'm using carry a feeling through out my work.
3. Why do I create what I do?
I've always had a love for yarn, I learned to knit and needle point at a really young age and those hobbies have stuck with me throughout my adult life. There are so many fun and creative ways to use yarn, the possibilities are endless! Painting and lettering are things that I've really started to love as an adult. I always told my husband that I wanted to paint and one day we decided to grab some art supplies and see where that would take me. I've enjoyed learning and perfecting my technique and it's given me another creative outlet!
4. How does your creating process work?
Sometimes my gears just spin a mile a minute and I can come up with a ton of great ideas in a short time, other times the process is more labored. I find the best way for me to come up with an idea is just to get my hands in it. If i'm working with fiber I like to just cast on a few stitches and whip up a few rows just to see how the yarn knits up, then I take it from there.When it comes to painting, my sketchbook is my best friend. I like to make really crude drawings of my ideas and if I like one enough I do an actual sketch before choosing colors and then eventually paint to paper. I like to fly by the seat of my pants most of the time, I find that if I think to much about it I nitpick my work. Artists are their own worst enemies! 
I hope you liked this little look into how I work behind the scenes! I love the creative blogging community and all of the encouragement I receive here and on my social media accounts! It's lovely to read all of your comments!
Since this is a creative blog hop I thought I would give a shout out to some of my favorite creators in the bloggy world! I'ts hard to narrow it down but these are the ones I visit on a daily basis! Enjoy!

Everyday Is A Holiday // This husband wife duo create the sweetest treats you can't eat! I'm in love with their insanely realistic macaron diecuts! They are an extremely talented couple and Jenny's instagram is beyond amazing! 

PonyChops // Chantal has been a long time blogging pal of mine and I am in love with everything she creates! Her fun customized shoes have kawaii inspired designs and bright colors that are to die for! She's already making a name for herself, her shoes have graced the feet of founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics! 

Jesiiii // Jesi doesn't have a blog, but I thought to include her because her work is so adorable and her instagram account is very much like a little blog. I love her shop, I am really drawn to the way she uses wood, watercolors, and acrylic to make such bright vibrant work! Also I would like to take a minute to praise her sense of style because she wears the most adorable outfits! Major closet envy! 


Monday, June 30, 2014

 Life has been crazy here around the hive but I wanted to take a minute to say that the space here is not forgotten and that I come closer and closer to a full return everyday! I've been spending a lot of my free time working on a huge shop update and I am so happy with the way everything has come together. I'm going to have such a variety up for grabs! I did do a little sneak peek on my Society6 account so stop on over and check it out! If you follow me on Instagram then you know I've been giving a lot of glimpses as well! I hope you all are as excited as I am!
Here's a little look at my little visual journal lately!
I was also featured on WhimseyBox Blog in their new feature! Go check out all the other awesome Instagrammers on Insta-awesome Vol.1!! I'm so honored to be featured with such awesome bloggers and creative minds!

Happy June.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

(a little work in progress)

Paper Petals.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Paper flowers are a new obsession of mine! I love creating different color combinations an arrangements and the best part about these blooms is...they never die! I've been working on a few different bouquets to place around the house and I thought I would show off a little of the process here on the blog since it's been so quiet here lately!
The first arrangement I made was full of poppies, anemones, begonias, daisies, and roses. I love the bright color combination, especially since it matched my outfit. I feel like this would be so cute for weddings! I'm going to need one of my friends to get married soon just so I can do bouquets like this!
I also started a bouquet for Marli's room that's full of fun pops of color. Her one request is that she have purple flowers so I made her some bright purple poppies that are really fun! She also got a few hot pink peonies thrown in! She really loved the end result and she cant wait to put it in her room! I just need to find her a kitschy vase!
I made all of these flowers with this month's Whimsey Box and a bunch of supplies I had lying around! There are a lot of great tutorials on Pinterest for paper flowers but I had a lot of fun just winging it!
Have you ever made paper flowers? What kinds of projects would you incorporate them into?

It's May? Oh my!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

 “A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.” 18/52

 Happy May everyone! I cant believe summer is right around the corner! I've been a blog slacker lately but the weather has been gorgeous and I've been spending all my days planting flowers and veggies for the garden! I'm really behind on my photo series project so I thought I would skip head to the past week and try to keep up with it from this point on. 

Floral Mani!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The other day I did this fun little floral manicure and I thought I would share it here! I used Sinful nail polish in "Pull Over", I love the taxi cab yellow for spring! After I did two coats of my base color I used acrylic paints in aqua, green, orange, and black to paint a little floral detail on each nail. After it was all dry I sealed it with a top coat. It was actually really easy to do and I love how it came out!
Do you ever do fun nail art? I love personalizing my manis!

Hand spun fun!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recently I took up hand spinning my own yarn! I've been wanting to try it out for a long time but finally I got an excuse to actually pick up a spindle. My father's alpaca are being sheared and I'm going to be getting a portion of the coat to turn into roving for yarn. Before I got my hands on the pretty alpaca fiber I thought I should practice on some "store bought" roving. I found the above wool over at Queen Bee Fibers, naturally I liked a lot of their products because well...bees. I bought an orange creamsicle roving, a pink sherbet roving, and a white wool that I want to dye myself. They even through in some wooly wash for me to try, it smells like lavender and heaven, I'm excited to use it!
I purchased a spinning kit that included a drop spindle so I was ready to make my own yarn! You can find a similar kit here! I watched several great tutorials on how to spin yarn via YouTube and then I took a whack at it! At first the motions are pretty awkward but I got the hang of it fairly quickly and spun a ball up in no time. 
I started off spinning a fairly chunky yarn and I loved the way it turned out, the colors are so beautiful when they are twisted together. I think this yarn is going to knit up perfectly.  I'm going to try and practice spinning more often and maybe eventually I'll invest in a wheel so I can spin with more ease.  There are so many fun possibilities when it comes to spinning fiber. 
My next project is dying and hand painting! I'll definitely be sharing my process here! Have you ever spun your own yarn? If you haven't and you're a yarn junkie you should give it a try! 

Easter is here!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter has arrived! I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends! April sort of snuck up on me and I haven't been around much. I've been working on a lot of fun things for the shop and hopefully I'll be listing a few new things soon! I've been catching up on orders the last month, the iPhone cases in my etsy shop have been flying out of stock and have kept me super busy!
Lately the kids and I have been dying an obscene amount of eggs to get into the Easter spirit! I decided to hand paint some floral designs on a few and I love how they turned out. I'll be sad when we have to toss them out!
What sort of fun techniques and designs did you do on your eggs this year?


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Last week I didn't get to post on my photo series but I figured better late than never! This weekend we finally had Marli's birthday party after many weather delays! The kids had such a good time and the weather was finally beautiful. My sister in law took these precious photos of the kids with their new little friend, be still my heart!

Sketchbook // One.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

 It's finally time for my first sketchbook post! I talked about this last week sometime when I showed off some floral inspiration and I've worked on a few pages since then. I'm only going to post probably a page a week. This week I wanted to show you guys the little cover page that I created for my sketchbook. I played with gouache for the first time when creating it and I loved using it for all of the little white details. I don't use much blue when I do floral pieces so I thought I would switch it up and do something different with this arrangement. I am really pleased with the finished look.
Do you have any suggestions for what I should draw and paint next in my sketchbook? Let me know!
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