Thursday, May 29, 2014

Paper Petals.

Paper flowers are a new obsession of mine! I love creating different color combinations an arrangements and the best part about these blooms is...they never die! I've been working on a few different bouquets to place around the house and I thought I would show off a little of the process here on the blog since it's been so quiet here lately!
The first arrangement I made was full of poppies, anemones, begonias, daisies, and roses. I love the bright color combination, especially since it matched my outfit. I feel like this would be so cute for weddings! I'm going to need one of my friends to get married soon just so I can do bouquets like this!
I also started a bouquet for Marli's room that's full of fun pops of color. Her one request is that she have purple flowers so I made her some bright purple poppies that are really fun! She also got a few hot pink peonies thrown in! She really loved the end result and she cant wait to put it in her room! I just need to find her a kitschy vase!
I made all of these flowers with this month's Whimsey Box and a bunch of supplies I had lying around! There are a lot of great tutorials on Pinterest for paper flowers but I had a lot of fun just winging it!
Have you ever made paper flowers? What kinds of projects would you incorporate them into?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's May? Oh my!

 “A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.” 18/52

 Happy May everyone! I cant believe summer is right around the corner! I've been a blog slacker lately but the weather has been gorgeous and I've been spending all my days planting flowers and veggies for the garden! I'm really behind on my photo series project so I thought I would skip head to the past week and try to keep up with it from this point on. 

In other news, today The Collective is live! I hope that everyone has fun hopping around and meeting new blog friends. I highly suggest that you leave a comment when you stop by so that everyone can introduce themselves and spark up a conversation! Say hi, don't be shy! I love getting comments on my posts and I'm sure you all do too!

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