Little Bits // Life Lately.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A lot has been happening lately around the hive! First off, I finally finished my doula certification courses and received my certificate in the mail. I am so excited to start this new journey and I'm just really proud of myself for getting out there and just doing it. I've been interested in natural childbirth since I had Marli naturally in 2009 and since then I've become obsessed with The Farm, doulas, and all of the wonderful (but what I like to call secret information) about birth that most women aren't aware of. Becoming a doula is so important to me because it's a way for me to educate women on their options, to help advocate for them, and to be their for support of all kinds during the birthing process. It just feels like pretty powerful stuff and I'm thrilled to take part.
Speaking of birth, Miss Marli recently turned six years old! I can't believe it! We spent her special day at the American Girl doll store and had a special dinner before getting fro-yo! We have a tradition where we let her pick out her birthday gifts and this year she decided on a guitar and an alarm clock, how very grown up of her! Since then Jared has been giving Marli mini guitar lessons and shes been practicing her chords and naming all of the parts of her guitar. I can tell that she already has the musical gene just like her dad.

1. Finishing up my doula studies.
2. Little cuddle bugs.
3. A little birthday kiss.
4. My new salt lamp, I'm obsessed.
5. A few new essential oils for my collection.
6. My very official certificate.
7. Mr. Sleepy Head.
8. Marli practicing her guitar.

Also I have a new and improved Facebook page, so stop on over and like it for updates, giveaways, and more!

Cooking with the littles // an adventure in pancakes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I love getting the kids in the kitchen to make their own food whenever possible. One of my biggest goals with homeschooling is that they learn great handi-skills so they are not only book smart but have the ability to function on their own. Basic skills like cooking, cleaning, building, sewing, and knitting are not only good for little brains but give them the opportunity to feel more independent and accomplished. Recently we gathered in the kitchen to learn the art of pancake making and I got a chance to document it. They had so much fun making a mess and enjoying their healthy strawberry banana pancakes.
Do you like cooking with your little ones? What are some of your favorite kid friendly recipes? I'd love to know!

REAL FOOD // Power Greens Juice

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I've been wanting to start this new segment on the blog for quite awhile. I've posted many a recipe here on the blog but since my eating habits have changed quite a bit, especially since having baby on board I thought I would start sharing more real foods, smoothies, and juices.
I think the easiest way to get all of the yummy nutrients that we need to give us energy are through juicing or smoothies. I love eating tons of veggies and fruits but sometimes when things are crazy in the mornings and I'm rushing around I find myself reaching for unhealthy breakfast foods instead of the things that properly fuel my body. This delicious power greens combination is great for keeping me full, giving me energy, and providing me with great antioxidants.

4 large stemmed strawberries
1/4 cup pineapple, roughly chopped
1/2 cup greens (I used a combination of spinach, kale, chard, and carrots)
1/3 cup distilled water
2 or 3 ice cubes
Small handful of chia seeds

Add all of your ingredients into a juicer or blender of your choice. I used my Ninja and a single serve cup and pulsed until all of the ingredients were thoroughly blended. Pour into a chilled glass and sprinkle with your choice of white or black chia seeds. You can also add protein powders or other powdered supplements to this juice but I kept it all natural with fresh, organic ingredients. I hope that you try and enjoy this delicious green juice recipe!

What are some of your favorite juice recipes? I'd love to try them out!

Q+A Series // Holistic Beauty.

Monday, February 23, 2015

I've gotten a bunch of questions in the past about my beauty routine and my favorite beauty products and I haven't updated it in quite some time so I thought this would be a great opportunity since my routine has changed so much since my last post.
I swear by holistic and organic beauty products. In the last couple months I've really changed my beauty routine and the difference is day and night. My hair is longer, stronger, and more healthy. My skin is clean, clear, and feels so hydrated. It's amazing what removing all of the synthetic materials and chemicals does for your overall health! Today I'm going to share a few of my favorite products as well as some tips for better skin,hair, and nails with all natural products!


Brush- My biggest tip is to throw out that plastic brush and find a really great wooden brush. Wooden brushes soak up the natural oil in your hair and distribute it throughout which keeps your hair naturally conditioned and shiny. I also love them because they cause less breakage and damage to your hair when brushing!

Wash- Everyone I know who loves natural products swears by Calia shampoos and conditioners. I actually just ordered my first bottles so I have yet to try them out but I feel comfortable telling you to try them based on everyone's enthusiasm. I also swear by Bragg's apple cider vinegar rinses for my hair. I just mix half vinegar and half water in glass and pour over my hair after washing. You can leave the mixture in or rinse it out but it really cleanses the hair and gives it a good shine! It's great for removing product residue and build up as well.

Condition- The cheapest way to really condition your hair is coconut oil. I swear by it! Slather your hair in it and leave it in for a few hours or over night for moisture that penetrates the hair shaft and the scalp for a really deep condition. I also love Moroccan argan oil for my ends in between conditioning treatments!


Clean- I love using an oil cleansing method for my face, especially during the winter when my skin is much more dry and chapped. I usually use my trusty coconut oil and slather my face in it focusing on the areas that are more dry. After a good facial massage I take a washcloth and warm/hot water to rinse my face. I also swear by Lush's Herbalism, it is my holy grail face wash! Its wonderful for acne prone skin and it smells like heaven. I also love tea tree essential oil for treating blemishes and I swear by my DIY facial toner.

Moisturize- I feel like moisturizers are so important. Besides drinking half of your body weight in water, the best way to keep your skin hydrated is to invest in great moisturizers and plant hydrosol sprays. Gemstone Organics has some of the best face creams around, I stumbled upon them through Holistic Habits and now I'm obsessed! These face creams are infused with real gemstones, which basically makes them amazing. They also have wonderful ingredients that hydrate and nourish the skin. I highly suggest Rose Quartz and Moonstone, they are my favorites. Hydrosol sprays are also a great way to refresh your skin and give it a little extra boost of moisture, try out Evan Healy for a great selection of "facial tonics". I love the blood orange, it smells like summer.

Makeup- I am horrible about wearing makeup that is terrible for my skin. I don't like mineral makeup and I always feel naked without a little bit of coverage. I mostly stick to bb creams and that seems to keep my skin damage to a minimum. I also really like Nvey Eco's mattifying compact powder. It includes great ingredients like jojoba oil to hydrate the skin while not being heavy. I also swear by Rosebud Salve, liquid lipstick from Lush, and Benecos maximum volume mascara.


I don't really have a huge routine when it comes to nail care. I take prenatal vitamins so that automatically does wonders for my nail growth. I keep my cuticles moisturized with argan or coconut oil, and I also really love Jason Natural nail saver. I am a big fan of Jason products in general, they are wonderful!

I hope that this helps anyone with beauty questions and I hope that you try some or all of these great tips and products. I love all of the multi-use products so much because they are obvious money savers, giving you a little room in your budget to really indulge in specialty goodies! What are some of your favorite all natural beauty products?

Let's make it official!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, know me in real life, or have been checking out the new and improved blog look you probably know my exciting news, but for those of you who aren't in the loop I'm here to officially announce it on the blog! Our little hive is adding one more busy bee this coming September. We could not be more thrilled to bring another beautiful little soul into our growing family. The little ones are so excited to take on their new roles as big sister and big brother, they have been gushing all about baby ever since my husband and I let them in on our little secret.
Taking the leap from two to three little ones seems huge for most people, but my husband and I have wanted four children for quite some time and adding this little one makes our family seem a little more whole. We will officially be outnumbered but I'm looking forward to every moment. People seem to get very flustered or stressed when they find out I'm pregnant for the third time. How will you continue to home school? Aren't you scared to start over? You had the perfect pair (a boy and a girl), why didn't you stop there? Obviously some of these questions have crossed my mind but at the end of the day I am so lucky and one of my greatest strengths is being able to roll with the punches and take things as they come. For some motherhood is a daunting task, especially as the number of children increases, but for me it's the most fulfilling aspect of my life and I'm just thrilled to be here.
So in the coming months you can look forward to updates on my pregnancy, thoughts and reflections on each trimester, a look at my birthing plan, lists upon lists of baby goodies and essentials, tips on natural child birth, a look into my doula journey, and much much more! Stay tuned!

The Big 400!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Well hello there friends!
It's been far to long since I've checked in and wrote a post here. So many things in life are ever changing and taking the time to blog has become less and less important as I've been tackling homeschooling with the two little ones and all the other adventures that come with motherhood.
I've touched on my struggles with keeping this blog alive before but I refuse to let my little happy place completely die. For years I have been sharing all of my interests from vintage to diy to my own art work and knit goods but I always find myself straying from my blogging themes and I become bored or too overwhelmed. It's too easy to get caught up in the responsibility you feel to your readers or to the community which is always growing and changing. Blogging shouldn't feel like a burden and taking a huge step back really gave me the right perspective I need to move forward and stay true to myself without the stress and pressure.
With that being said things around here are going to change once again. This time there are no weekly schedules, no shop promotions, no filler posts. This time i'm just going to keep it real,simple, and honest. You'll be seeing a whole lot of updates on the littles, on homeschooling, on projects I work on, on trips we take, and everything in between. I'll still post recipes, but you'll see less sweet treats and more "real foods". I'll still post beauty products, but expect to see more holistic goodness, essential oils, and handmade products. I'll still post all of my creative work, but don't expect shop updates or even a shop at all. I'm taking things nice and easy from now on, no pressure! This time I'm here for me.
400 posts ago I would have never guessed how much blogging would change my life. I've made beautiful friends here and on Instagram and they have followed my journey whichever way the wind takes me. I've felt nothing but love and support from my readers and I couldn't be more grateful. I hope that the next 400 posts bring me even more moments of joy and friendship. I'm sure they will.

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