The Big 400!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Well hello there friends!
It's been far to long since I've checked in and wrote a post here. So many things in life are ever changing and taking the time to blog has become less and less important as I've been tackling homeschooling with the two little ones and all the other adventures that come with motherhood.
I've touched on my struggles with keeping this blog alive before but I refuse to let my little happy place completely die. For years I have been sharing all of my interests from vintage to diy to my own art work and knit goods but I always find myself straying from my blogging themes and I become bored or too overwhelmed. It's too easy to get caught up in the responsibility you feel to your readers or to the community which is always growing and changing. Blogging shouldn't feel like a burden and taking a huge step back really gave me the right perspective I need to move forward and stay true to myself without the stress and pressure.
With that being said things around here are going to change once again. This time there are no weekly schedules, no shop promotions, no filler posts. This time i'm just going to keep it real,simple, and honest. You'll be seeing a whole lot of updates on the littles, on homeschooling, on projects I work on, on trips we take, and everything in between. I'll still post recipes, but you'll see less sweet treats and more "real foods". I'll still post beauty products, but expect to see more holistic goodness, essential oils, and handmade products. I'll still post all of my creative work, but don't expect shop updates or even a shop at all. I'm taking things nice and easy from now on, no pressure! This time I'm here for me.
400 posts ago I would have never guessed how much blogging would change my life. I've made beautiful friends here and on Instagram and they have followed my journey whichever way the wind takes me. I've felt nothing but love and support from my readers and I couldn't be more grateful. I hope that the next 400 posts bring me even more moments of joy and friendship. I'm sure they will.


  1. Glad to have you back :)

    -Anastasia Ivy


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