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Thursday, March 12, 2015

It has been a long time since I enjoyed a good ole TILT post. I've been loving a lot of things this week that I thought I would share. The weather has definitely been #1 on my list this week, it's been almost short weather out there, a very big difference from two weeks ago when we were in a blizzard. I'll take what I can get Missouri! I'm ready to get my veggie garden up and going again this year so hopefully it decides to stay warm, you never know when you live here.
I've also been enjoying a few good binge watching sessions of BBC's Miranda and I'm obsessed with it. I'm pretty sure Miranda Hart is my spirit animal. She's so adorably awkward and inappropriate at all the best times and even my husband has been enjoying it so if you haven't given it a chance, check it out! Haim's album Days Are Gone and Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company have been spinning almost daily this week, and I've also enjoyed a little She&Him Vol.2.
I also thought I would share this for all the mommas out there. For the last few weeks during home school we have started a yoga and meditation time and it's been so beautiful to watch the little ones really enjoy yoga and quiet their little minds with meditation. We stumbled upon this guided meditation for children and Marli has really been enjoying it. Hunter just makes a lot of animal noises, but he sits still to watch. I've really been able to tell a difference in the kids focus so that's a big bonus!

I've also fallen in love with a few other odds and ends this week, you can find them here:

1// I've been using  Grounding essential oil by Young Living for the past week or so and it is so calming and wonderful, it's a new staple. 2// I stumbled across the Noon Day Collection recently and I could rave on and on about how wonderful they are and all the great causes that they support but it would last forever so I'm just going to say check them out for yourself! Amazing! 3// The Carbon Farmer is a virtual site with real life impact. Follow them on twitter and they will plant a free tree to help repopulate Canadian wilderness. 4// Rose Water Mist has been my new go to beauty product. Goodbye MAC Fix Plus! 5// Chai Spice Hurraw! Balm, does that really need explanation? 6// Blackbird And The Owl is one of my new favorite Etsy shops, they have such beautiful handmade leather goodies. 7// This African basket, glorious. That is all.  8// This gemstone stained glass sun catcher is beautiful, I want a few to hang in my kitchen window. 9// Someone recently recommended  Woman Code to me during my doula training because I was immersed in all things woman. I'm a nerd when it comes to these things so I grabbed a copy for myself. If you're interested in taking control of your fertility, getting off hormonal birth control, or are just interested in all things lady check it out!!

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  1. I absolutely have to get my hands on some essential oil. Living here in Italy it's not that easy to find!


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